There’s not a whole lot I can do in terms of styling my new house while I wait on furniture, but one place I knew I could dress up with ease is my front porch! Fall is my very favorite season, so I saw no need to wait to make the entrance of my home look as festive as possible. A couple weeks ago, Liza and I went to Nicholson-Hardie and Ruibal’s to scout the prettiest pumpkins and pick up some mums to decorate my porch. Last year I did a mix of pale orange, green and white pumpkins, but was too late to get mums. I wasn’t about to miss that chance this year! Click here to see last year’s look at the old house. While I got a lot of good looking pumpkins last year, I didn’t do a great job of getting a good mix of sizes. I think varying heights is the key to a solid pumpkin display! With that in mind, I decided to get varied sizes for the mums too. I think it turned out so nicely!!

I thought shooting my fall front porch scene was the perfect time to debut this darling dress! I’ve been really into fall florals, and this one is one of the best I’ve found. I LOVE the warm color palette on a black backdrop – that makes this dress super useful for me! While I don’t own a lot of brown, I do have a bunch of black and cognac accessories – both of which look amazing with this print! This dress comes with flimsy fabric belt, so I snipped that off (along with the tiny belt loops) and plan to use my own belts with it. The belt I’m wearing here is by Ralph Lauren – got it last year! This dress is a very roomy fit without the belt, so you could definitely size down. I got a 6 – it looks great with the belt, but fits oversized otherwise. If a midi dress isn’t your jam, this print also comes as a minidress and a blouse! Love all three options, and they’re all great price points.


PS: if you’ve got sharp eyes, you may have noticed I photoshopped out the wall outlet and video doorbell as seen here… Anything for a Pinterest-y shot, am I right? Ha!

PPS: my latest episode with Kate on the Be There in Five Podcast is live as of this weekend! Don’t miss us recapping the Finding Freedom book and talking all things royals. Click here to listen now!


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