Woohoo!! No more mirror selfies – at least for now. Believe it or not, I actually shot this outfit on the last day Liza came to my house before the shelter-in-place for Dallas was ordered in mid-March! The reason you never saw those photos? I accidentally deleted them. Needless to say it was bad timing, but those photos were just not meant to be! Oops. To bookend the quarantine experience, I figured this should be the first outfit we shot when Liza finally came back to my house last week. I’m actually so happy we reshot the look anyway, because these photos turned out way better than the originals! I also can’t believe I never thought to shoot in this area of my backyard before. Since Liza has returned, we’ve photographed twelve outfits back there, so get ready for a lot of this backdrop! I honestly don’t love taking photos in front of people on the street (especially not interested in doing that right now), so this is a great spot to do it! With Liza back it feels like things are getting back to business as usual around here, which is an amazing feeling.

If you recall from this try-on post I did in early March, this seersucker midi dress is from a Matches Fashion order I placed! I ordered two blue dresses, but this is the one I kept. I absolutely love the breezy, lightweight seersucker fabric – it moves so gracefully even with the slightest breeze! The blouson sleeves are an elegant touch, and you know I live for a belted waist. The soft blue + white color combo is so classic, and the silhouette couldn’t be more versatile. Style it with a tote and flat sandals for brunch, errands and summer travel, or dress it up with heeled sandals/espadrille wedges for dinner. It’s just a timeless, comfortable and effortless piece I know I’ll wear for years. I got a size small and it fits perfectly! PS: the belt is optional if you’d prefer a looser fit or are trying to accommodate a baby bump.

This also isn’t the first time you’ve seen my J.Crew sandals, but it is the first time I’ve worn them in a real outfit post! I’m obsessed with these. They are SO comfortable. I wore them for nearly 10 hours the first time I wore them and there was truly no “wearing in” necessary. The leather is so supple and buttery! I normally wear a 9 1/2 in shoes and took my regular size. These beauties also come in black (featured in the Summer Capsule Wardrobe!), gold, ivory and pink! I honestly am considering getting them in black or gold as well – can’t decide which I’d wear more though.

PPS: I do want to take a moment to thank you guys for sticking around and following along during this crazy time! I’m a fashion blogger, so even though I’m going to continue posting my outfits and favorite picks every week, I never want you guys to feel pressured to buy anything. I hope my blog continues to be a source of inspiration (and joy!) for you, even if you’re not shopping!

You may have heard that J.Crew, along Neiman Marcus and other retailers are really struggling financially. The two I mentioned have filed for Chapter 11, and they + many others have disabled their affiliate programs for the time being. Even though I can’t earn a commission on their products right now, I still plan to share items from these brands and retailers. I want to continue showing my support in hopes they are able to pull through this tough time! I also want to continue providing a well-rounded selection of pieces to you guys from a variety of retailers and price points. Thank you again for following along!!!


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