Happy Monday! Trying to keep things light around here with everything going on in the world, so I’m going to be sticking with my usual blog content. If anything, I hope my blog and Instagram can continue to be a source of entertainment and joy for you in these stressful times! With that said, I don’t want to pretend like all is hunky dory with what’s going on right now and I thought I’d share what I’m up to surrounding the official Coronavirus pandemic today. All that to say, just don’t be surprised if you see more serious text mixed with my regular content like today’s post! I’ve still gotta keep running my business, even with everything going on!

If you saw my InstaStories Friday, you’ll know I shared what I stocked up on in case of self-quarantine from COVID-19. In addition to not wanting to get sick myself, committing to self-isolation will help keep the virus from spreading too quickly (we don’t want to overwhelm the hospitals!) and to protect those who are more at risk for severe symptoms (like the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions). I purchased enough food for myself for 2-4 weeks at home, most of which I bought on a number of store trips over the last two weeks so I could avoid the stores when they eventually did get crazy (which happened to be Thursday and Friday in Dallas). I definitely didn’t “panic buy” all in one day or hoard a bunch of toilet paper/tuna or anything else like that – just picked up a variety of frozen foods and packaged pastas so I wouldn’t have to eat the same thing every day.

Dallas still only has a few cases, but I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry! Also, with all of the international travelers funneling through DFW over the weekend, I have a feeling we’re about to see a lot more cases. As a self-diagnosed control freak, I can lessen my own anxiety by having a plan and feeling prepared should my area be asked to fully self-quarantine. Since I work from home and also do most of my workouts from home, I feel like I already kind of “self-isolate” – so not much is going to change around here except for not going out to restaurants and events, not going to spin class, etc. Just gonna try to keep myself busy with work and do my best to stay healthy. Sadly and not surprisingly, we decided to cancel our family trip to Grand Cayman this Saturday! While I was really looking forward to a week on the beach, it is not essential travel and staying home is the right thing to do right now. I had planned to share some bright and beachy content over the next several weeks on here, but it looks like you’ll be seeing mirror selfies and photos from Dallas while this is all going on!

It’s looking like this pandemic will also be problematic with trying to sell my house and my move to Chicago, so truly everything is up in the air right now! I’m doing my best to stay positive, stay healthy and take it each day at a time. While I’m very thankful and blessed to be in the position where I can work from home, I realize many people don’t have that option – especially those working in healthcare and on the frontlines of battling this illness. So grateful for all of you, and all that you’re doing to keep us safe and healthy! Because I am one of the lucky ones able to stay home, I’m doing it. And I’d urge those of you who can to do so as well so we can try to flatten the curve!

PS: I’m obviously not a medical professional, so I’m not giving advice on what you should do. Just sharing what I’m up to and what’s making me feel better about the situation! We all need to do what is best for us. Anyway, just my brief thoughts on the subject – stay safe and STAY HOME y’all!!

Now that I’ve given a bit of an update on what’s happening around these parts, let’s move onto a lighter subject. This white poplin top is one I found at Banana Republic a few weeks ago! It’s such a great work-to-weekend staple under $100. I’m wearing a size small, which fits like a 6. This top also comes in solid black, chartreuse, pink and blue + white stripes! Also, these jeans are a favorite from last year and are back in stock here and here! Such a cute distressed style to pair with heels. I’m wearing a size 28 – they have very little stretch! While I don’t actually see myself wearing heels and getting gussied up in self-isolation, this outfit is an easy one to throw on once we’re able to get back out and about.


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