Happy Thursday! Today I’m finally off to Chicago for my long-awaited winter trip! I’m heading up to brave the cold weather for a week and half, catch up with friends and spend more time in the city I may or may not be moving to. I’ll be touring a bunch of apartments in Gold Coast, River North, West Loop and Lincoln Park, and trying to decide whether or not Chicago is where I want to be!

Here’s a look at some of the items I’m packing for this trip. As you can see, I’m bundling up with sweaters, coats, jeans and boots! I’m also packing a couple of dresses and nice tops for dinners I have planned. I shared some of the restaurants I’m going to in THE EDIT earlier this week, so take a peek at that if you’re curious! I can’t wait to explore more of the city and meet a bunch of you at my meet-up on Saturday. In case you didn’t know, I’m hosting a private meet-up with some of my Chicago-based readers this Saturday – I shared it a bunch on Instagram Stories and sent individual Paperless Post invitations to those of you who reached out to me about it. Due to the size of the venue I had to keep the list tight, but hoping to host more of these going forward! Stay tuned to see photos from the event!

PS: Make sure you’re following along on Instagram to see what I get up to in Chicago!


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