Happy Monday! I’m so excited to launch my 3rd annual #WellnessWeek here on the blog! All week long I’ll be sharing posts dedicated to fitness, food, health and wellness. Today I thought I’d start with a general fitness update and my current workout schedule!

This time last year I was alternating days of BBG (using the Sweat App!) and OrangeTheory. While I loved the running aspect of OrangeTheory, I started getting burned out on doing five days of high intensity weight training a week… so at the end of summer I decided to go back to spinning! Unfortunately I made this decision right as my favorite spin studio (FlyWheel) was closing its doors. Over the course of a few weeks I tried a bunch of different Dallas spin classes (see my reviews here), and decided to stick with Terlingo. Since then, I’ve been alternating my BBG workouts with 2-3 spin classes at Terlingo per week! If you’ve been following a long time, you’ll know I generally do my BBG workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Lately I’ve been doing them on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and doing spin on Tuesday and Friday. If you’ve ever taken spin, it’s all about the instructor and their playlists – I adjusted my schedule to go to my favorites!


Monday: BBG Legs (Sweat App), followed by a 45 minute walk

Tuesday: 45 minute spin class

Wednesday: BBG Arms (Sweat App), followed by a 45 minute walk

Thursday: BBG Abs (Sweat App), followed by a 45 minute walk

Friday: 45 minute spin class

Saturday: 45 minute spin class OR a circuit challenge in the Sweat App

Sunday: Rest or a walk


Instead of doing one big Q&A post with all topics, I’m placing them in specific posts based on category. Today I’ll be answering all of your fitness related questions below! I always receive SO many questions about getting and staying motivated – if that was your question, scroll to the bottom for links to my past blog posts on the subject!!

QUESTION // How do you work out on full days of traveling?

ANSWER // It totally depends on the trip! When I’m traveling alone it’s easier because I can just wake up and do a BBG workout on the floor of my hotel/hotel gym/AirBnB, but if I’m staying in a room with someone I want to be respectful and not wake them up when I’m getting up. In those cases I generally get up and do something outside of where we’re staying: go to a class (in London I would go to spin or a HIIT class), or do BBG outside or in another room if possible. I did my BBG workouts on the porch of our Bed and Breakfast when I was in Provence! You just have to get creative and wake up a little earlier than you normally would.

As far as FULL days of traveling (like long flight days or when arriving to London on an overnight flight), I don’t work out on those days. I plan that day as a rest day and adjust my workout schedule around that day. It really helps to put all of your workouts on your calendar/itinerary! It’s easier to see which days make the most sense time wise.

QUESTION // When you were running did you focus on speed or distance to build endurance?

ANSWER // Since I was training for running a 10k, I focused more on distance to build endurance over several months. Once I was able to consistently do longer runs I focused more on speed in the last month or two leading up to the 10k!

QUESTION // Have you tried any apps that aren’t BBG? Looking to try something new, but not BBG.

ANSWER // I haven’t, I’m sorry! But I’ve heard lots of great things about pvolve and Obe Fitness! But I do want to mention that the Sweat App (what BBG is on) just released a BBG Beginner Program as well as a Postpartum workout program. These are great tools for easing into the challenging BBG format if you’ve never tried it before or are looking to get back into it after baby!

QUESTION // Can you share some beginner workouts and tips for easing into a workout routine?

ANSWER // I’m not a fitness professional, so I’m definitely not the right person to ask! I’d recommend checking out one of the many fitness apps (mentioned a couple above) or hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions to get some inspiration! The other option would be to sign up for classes to see what you like doing! If you’re looking for less intense workouts to start out, try yoga, pilates or barre.

QUESTION // I love to walk outside. Any tips and tricks to make it a better workout?

ANSWER // Having an Apple watch has helped me with my walks because I love knowing the speed at which I’m walking. Per BBG, Kayla Itsines recommends you walk at 4.0 mph for 30 minutes to an hour several times a week so that’s what I try to do. This is a very fast-paced walk, so I monitor my Apple watch while I’m doing it to make sure I’m staying on pace! A couple of additional tips for making your walk more of a workout include:

  • Add wrist weights or ankle weights! This will make it harder to move and get those muscles working! I also use them for some leg and hip workouts at home!
  • Instead of just walking your same neighborhood loop every day, maybe once a week drive somewhere more hilly or somewhere you can hike! Walking uphill burns way more calories!
  • After every mile you walk, do a set of 50 lunges! I did this on a long walk over the holidays! You can also do things like broad jumps, crab walks, etc to mix it up.
  • After every mile you walk, sprint for 30 seconds. This will get and keep your heart rate up for a more well-rounded workout!

QUESTION // How do you stay motivated working out at home? I get bored and have less discipline.

ANSWER // This is a question I get a lot, and frankly I think it’s just my personality! I thrive on a schedule and am very self-motivated in most areas of my life (an Enneagram 3 – The Achiever!). If you’re not naturally self-motivated, chances are a home workout isn’t a good option for you. I’d suggest hiring a personal trainer or doing classes instead, as this may hold you more accountable to a routine with other people involved!

QUESTION // Are you doing the BBG Sweat Challenge? Have you done one in the past? How is it different?

ANSWER // I haven’t ever done one! I’m not planning to do the one that starts today either. If you’ve done it, please comment on this post and let us know what it’s all about!

QUESTION // Do you have any exercise suggestions for someone with bad knees?

ANSWER // Again, I am not a fitness professional and highly recommend you chat with a certified personal trainer if you’re unsure what to do! But I would certainly avoid running and any kind of workout that requires jumping like BBG. Perhaps yoga or pilates would be your best bet!

QUESTION // Do your thighs bulk up on cycling vs OTF?

ANSWER // For me personally, no… but I do have friends that have said that about spin. I think it totally depends on your own body and how it builds muscle! I’m just not a very muscly person!

QUESTION // Does spin hurt your lady parts?!

ANSWER // After your first couple of classes, yes! But after about a week you get totally used to it.

If you’d like more info on BBG and the Sweat App, I’ve written several blog posts about it! Below are some links for easy access:

I have also written several blog posts on starting and sticking with a fitness routine. Check out each below for great tips to get you going!


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