Now onto my favorite location in Germany: Rothenburg ob der Tauber! This little town is what holiday dreams are made of. I would imagine Rothenburg is a fairytale in summer too, when the sun is bright and picking up the pastel hues on all of the buildings! We arrived in Rothenburg about an hour before dark, and had just enough time to check into our hotel and freshen up really quick before hitting the Christmas Market. Some of these pictures were taken that afternoon before the sun went down, and the rest were taken early the next morning after some snow had fallen. The Rothenburg ob der Tauber Christmas Market was certainly the smallest and least crowded of all the ones we visited… but it was 100% the most charming. While they did have a few food vendors, options were limited, so we had a snack and then grabbed an early dinner at a restaurant (Ratsstube) situated on the main square. The reviews online aren’t great, but I really enjoyed my meal of meat and dumplings!

After dinner we walked around a bit more, grabbing crepes before heading home to rest. On the way home we were dusted with snow, which was such a festive and fun end to our evening! The next morning we walked around town (much fewer people out!), just snapping photos of the darling streets and pretty buildings. We had one last meal in Rothenburg at lunch that day, grabbing Schuptnudle (potato dumplings in a cheese sauce, topped with fried onions) and a sandwich made with freshly roasted ham and cranberry cream cheese… yum! Scroll down to see photos and for a very big travel tip we learned on our way to Rothenburg.

This town is SO beautiful, but boy, was it a pain to get to! We relied on Google Maps to plan out our transportation from Nuremberg to Rothenburg. Taking the train was the quickest option, but it required changing trains a couple of different times and according to Google Maps, also required a bus ride at the end. We got off at the stop to get the bus with just a few minutes to spare, and literally ran up while the bus was pulling away. Spoiler alert: it didn’t stop for us. After a stressful few minutes rerouting on Google Maps we found out that was the ONLY bus going to Rothenburg that day. We went back to the train station and stood in line to chat with the help desk, which I’m SO glad we did. We ended up not having to deal with a bus, but instead got back on the train. We did have to go back the way we came (one stop) and then change trains again, but that took us right to the center of town. No bus necessary. Moral of the story: always check with the help desk at the train station for the most accurate/easy routes before departing. Don’t assume Google Maps has the right info!!


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