The Laundress Holiday Sale // 25% off with code SAVEBIG

If you’ve been following me awhile, you’ll know I LOVE The Laundress! I discovered their products a couple years ago on some of my favorite luxury e-tailers, and first tried them in the spring of last year. Whether The Laundress is new to you or are already a loyal customer, you can shop The Laundress 25% off this week during their site wide sale! Be sure to enter code SAVEBIG at checkout to save big on your purchase! Keep reading to discover my favorite products from The Laundress to gift yourself or your loved ones this holiday season…

But first: All of their products are biodegradable, allergen-free and plant based, and their formulas are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. They’re free of petroleum, phthalates, phsphate, parabens, artifical dyes and chlorine bleach! Definitely better than what’s in your grocery store detergents and cleansers. Also, did you know 90% of all “dry clean only” products can be laundered at home? I certainly didn’t until I discovered The Laundress. I’ve certainly decreased my dry cleaning bill over the last year and half using their products. Pieces I was scared to wash (cashmere, for example), I now wash at home on the reg!

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, below are some of my go-to products from The Laundress! They’re all 25% off this week with code SAVEBIG at checkout!

Le Labo Rose Signature Detergent – many of you are familiar with Le Labo, but if you’re not, their rose fragrance is absolutely divine! This is 100% my favorite product because my clothes smell like actual roses by the end of the wash cycle. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Travel Pack – I travel quite a bit, and most of my trips are at least one week or longer. I also workout wherever I go, so I always have to pack several pairs of workout clothes. For really long trips, I don’t want to waste luggage space with a ton of extra pieces though! That’s where The Laundress comes in. I now pack the Travel Pack for all long trips so I can wash things on the go and save space in my luggage for more exciting things like souvenirs. What I generally do is wash any clothes I might want to freshen up (underwear, workout clothes, etc), right after I’ve worn them so any sweat/dirtiness doesn’t settle or dry into the clothes. I’ll hang or lay them to dry and by the next day they’re ready to go again!

Wool & Cashmere Shampoo – As fall/winter weather came upon us about a month ago, I started using this to wash my favorite knits and sweaters. What I do is I turn all of the sweaters inside out, turn the washer on the wool cycle, turn the water temp to cold and then add this Wool & Cashmere Shampoo as the detergent. I always lay them flat to dry at the end to maintain their shape and make sure they don’t shrink! Not only is this method less expensive than dry cleaning, it’s also better for your garments and better for the environment.

Denim Wash – I wear jeans about 85% of the time, and wear my jeans to death! Because I wear the same pairs so often, I have to wash them more often… and in turn wear them out and make the color fade faster. The Denim Wash gets my jeans clean, keeps them soft and preserves their color!

Whites Detergent – I use this for all of my bedding, towels, white jeans and tops. Keeps my whites looking their whitest, all without chlorine bleach!

{ thanks to The Laundress for sponsoring this post! }


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