The Edit | Heroine Sport Metallic Leggings

After over a week of travel, I’m struggling a bit getting back into my healthy eating routine. I always try to eat somewhat healthy when I travel, but end up always bombing out! Anyone else?! I usually do pretty well the first couple of days, then just get too tempted by things like pasta, lobster rolls, dessert… and give up. I definitely don’t feel guilty about eating those things, but I will admit I have a harder time going back to my regular routine after completely letting myself go on a trip. While I struggle with the food thing, I’m at least doing my regular workouts! It’s all about balance, am I right?

Speaking of workouts, don’t miss holiday-ready activewear like these cool metallic leggings, this puffer jacket or these sleek sneaks. Even if I don’t always feel motivated, at least I’ll look the part! Below are some additional festive fitness finds to get you in gear for the holiday season:


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