Tips for Organizing + Cleaning out your Closet

I recently started using Poshmark again to sell some pieces from my wardrobe (you can find me here!), and have since received a number of questions about using the app and tips for selling pieces on Poshmark! I also received a flurry of questions after I did my closet tour on IGTV about how I decide what to get rid of, how to choose whether I donate or sell each piece, etc when I’m doing a closet clean out.

While I do tend to hold onto certain things, I’m also pretty good about weeding things out that I don’t wear often (or ever). Unless it’s a super special investment piece like a designer handbag, pair of shoes or fancy clothing item, I generally don’t feel “attached” to most things in my closet. I’m very ok with letting things go, mostly because I love that it makes room for newer more exciting things!

Keep reading for all of my best tips and tricks for effectively cleaning out your closet, deciding what to donate vs sell, and some suggestions for using Poshmark!


Every season I like to reorganize my closet to best display the items I need to see at that given time. I just reorganized my closet for the fall season, so now I have easy access to all of my boots, sweaters and scarves, jackets, trenches and autumn dresses. As I’m reorganizing, that’s when the weeding out begins. Since I’m already moving things around, when I locate an item I haven’t worn in over a year, something that no longer fits me, or I just don’t see myself wearing it again, I’ll remove it from my closet. What I usually do is create two piles that I then put in shopping bags to keep them organized/separated: one for donating and one for selling on Poshmark.


  • Does it still fit?
  • Is it flattering? Do you feel good/confident wearing it?
  • Have you worn it in the last year?
  • Do you see yourself actually wearing it again in the next 6-12 months?
  • If it’s damaged in any way, can it be fixed?
  • I hate to Marie Kondo you, but does it spark joy?!

I often hold onto things during one clean out only to get rid of it the next time I do one. Sometimes you just need more time to think about it. At the end of the day, keep what makes you happy and feeling confident, and get rid of things that don’t.


It doesn’t matter if the item is designer, contemporary or fast fashion – if it’s in good condition, I’m going to try and sell it! Most of the clothes I wear on the blog are things I’ve purchased myself, so I want to make some of that money back if I can to purchase new pieces. I’ve sold jeans, designer shoes, cocktail dresses, fast fashion tops, and more. If it’s something I think people will actually enjoy and want to buy, I’ll try to sell it.

If an item has been visibly worn (lots of scuffing, wear and tear is visible, sweater/coat pilling), I will donate. If an item has any kind of stain the dry cleaner couldn’t get out (whether minuscule or on the larger side) I will donate. If it’s something like pajamas, loungewear, activewear, sports bras, socks, underwear, etc, I will donate. If it’s a super cheap item from a store like Forever21 or She-in, donate donate donate. I also like to donate coats and other wintery garb unless it was a big investment. I recently just donated of a bunch of ASOS and Zara coats I don’t plan to wear anymore!


Readers often ask me why I don’t sell my pieces over Instagram Stories or directly to readers… and the short answer is Poshmark streamlines EVERYTHING. You basically just enter all of the info for the listing (photos, title, description, size, color, listing price, etc), and when an item has sold, Poshmark shoots over an email with the shipping label for you to print out. Once you’ve printed it out, you pack up the sold item into a USPS Priority Mail box (also totally free!), slap the label on top and take it to the USPS store. You can pick the boxes up at any USPS location, or order them online (this takes 5-8 business days though, so order a week before you plan to list your items on Poshmark)!

You can even schedule package pickups on the USPS site, say you have a lot of boxes or don’t have time to go to the USPS store every few days to drop off packages. It’s suuuuper easy! Shipping is also really fast – depending on the location, buyers receive the packages in the mail within 2-3 days.

best tips for selling clothes on poshmark
  • Price them appropriately! Gently used items are always a huge fraction of the price of what they are new. For example, most of my jeans are $200-$300 new, and I generally try to sell them between $40-$50 on Poshmark.
  • People love basics/neutrals! Denim and solid tops/sweaters tend to sell before everything else.
  • Take good photos! Make sure the lighting is right in the room, and get photos of yourself wearing the items as well as photos of the item hanging or folded. People like to see how an item looks on! I also always try to take a closeup picture of the label, to show the size and brand/designer.
  • Include notes about the fit, texture and other details one might want to know about the item in the description box. I’ll mention how this pair of jeans is slightly more cropped than the others I’ve shared, or if the hem is longer in the back than the front on a top/sweater, or even if the label says it’s a 6 but the item fits more like a 2-4. The more details the better!
  • Apparently packaging is important! I didn’t realize this my first round of sales, and had someone give me a bad score on that… oops! I recently bought some white tissue wrapping paper and these adhesives to protect the clothing and make it look a little prettier in the USPS box. Hopefully people like that better!!

Click here to check out my closet on Poshmark and shop pieces from my wardrobe! For the details of my closet design and more photos, read this post.


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