Les Baux was not originally on either of Meghan’s or my list, but at the last second before I left for France my mom told me about this spot! My mom has been to Les Baux multiple times throughout her life, and shared how special this place was to her – especially the time she spent with my dad there on a trip they took in the early 80’s.

While I’m sure this medieval fortified village is very different now than it was then, I can totally see what makes this beautiful town worth a visit. From the outstanding views of the French countryside at every edge, to the quaint Saint Vincent church, there’s something for everyone in this incredible hilltop destination. In addition to the historic and natural beauties of Les Baux, there are a ton of great restaurants and shops to peruse. We spent way more time in Les Baux than we ever expected! Even if you don’t spend a full day, definitely plan to stop over from Saint-Remy – totally worth it!

PS: my mom recommends Baumanière if you’d like to stay in the area! They have a Michelin-starred restaurant that would be worth a visit, even if you don’t book a room.

PPS: don’t miss my Provence travel guide! It went live on Friday! It features every village and restaurant we visited in the French countryside… don’t miss it!


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