why I love working out on vacation + tips for sticking to your fitness routine anywhere


One thing I’ve learned from experience with working out over the past decade is that I cannot take time off. If I skip even one resistance BBG workout, it makes it so much harder to jump back in the next week… and it’s not just with BBG! It’s amazing how quickly you can lose what you’ve worked so hard to build up in just a week’s time. That’s one of the reasons you will always find me working out on vacation! Even if I go somewhere with no access to a gym (like our AirBnB in Provence!), I find a way to get at least three BBG-like workouts in a week. Sure, they may be modified (more reps and a selection of moves I can do without weights), but as long as I get in a good sweat for at least thirty minutes I feel confident I can jump right back in where I left off when I get back home.

In addition to just sticking with my fitness goals and committing to my routine, I love working out on vacation for several other reasons… One being I love trying out new workout studios wherever I’m traveling! When in London last year, I went to a new HIIT class I’d never tried before and loved it! Before that, I tried a few barre and spin classes while I was living there. In New York I’ve tried everything from SLT to CityRow. Every city has something new to offer and gives me a chance to mix things up from my exact routine at home.

Another big reason I enjoy working out on vacation is because I love to indulge and try new things food-wise when I’m traveling. While I don’t think one should ever feel guilt over a meal, I can’t say I’ve never felt that dread of gaining weight after a week of rich meals and alcohol. Getting in those workouts on vacation allows me to enjoy every bite without much (if any!) guilt! I know that even if I do gain a few pounds on vacay, because I’ve continued my fitness routine they will be that much easier to shed once I’m home. Working out on vacation keeps me stress free!

Finally, while I love my family and spending time together with friends I may travel with, working out allows me some time to myself. It’s a time where I can think, burn off some energy or any negativity, and generally just have some alone time.

Trying to stick to your fitness goals on vacation? Here are some tips to stay motivated and keep you going wherever you are:

  • Set small goals vs big ones – instead of attempting to work out every day of your trip, make a plan to work out every other day or three times per week. By setting small goals like this, it feels less like a chore or interruption in your trip – plus it allows you a few grace period days if your itinerary, exhaustion or a hangover gets in the way. You can be more flexible/selective of which days you want to exercise. Even just committing to those three days will feel like an accomplishment!
  • Try something new – whether that’s going for a jog on the beach or trying a new workout class, mix things up! It’s a fun way to discover new exercises you might like, and also a good way to get to know the city you’re visiting.
  • Create a vacation workout playlist – I don’t know about you, but I tend to replay the same workout playlist over and over at home! I like to create playlists for when I’m traveling with festive music for the destination, so why not do one for my workouts too?
  • No gym? No problem – if you don’t want to spend money on a pricey workout class, the weather is bad or you don’t have a gym where you are, there are SO MANY WORKOUTS you can do right on the floor of your hotel room! The Sweat App has been super useful for me in terms of broadening my knowledge of equipment-free workouts, but there are a ton of great fitness apps out there to peruse. From yoga and barre to HIIT, there’s something for all age and fitness levels! Do your research and download some apps before your trip. Here’s a list to get you started!
  • All it takes is 30 minutes – as I’ve learned from BBG, 30 minutes is all it takes to get in a very solid workout. I’m literally gasping for breath and sweating bullets halfway through, and am always sore the next day – proof these workouts mean business! Plan to wake up an extra 45 minutes to one hour early the days you are going to work out on your trip – this will allow you a few minutes to throw on your workout clothes, drink some coffee and stretch before getting to it. NO EXCUSES.

the outfit

Now that we’ve gotten through my reasons for working out on vacay and some tips to keep you motivated and on track anywhere you might be traveling, let’s take a look at this fresh activewear outfit I found on Nordstrom before my trip to California!

Nordstrom has the very best activewear selection of any department store – they have more budget-friendly lines like Zella and Onzie, as well as more luxe lines like ALO, ALALA, Tory Sport and new-to-me brand, P.E. Nation! Generally I keep my workout outfits all black, but I do like to throw in some color now and then to keep things interesting.

After running, BBG and OrangeTheory wore out my last pair of Brooks sneakers this spring, I decided to change things up with this all-black pair by the same brand. They are super comfortable and feature great cushioning and support for high intensity workouts and long runs!

What I love about this sports bra and legging set is that it looks great with black tops I already own, but I can also lean into the colorful look with a tank like this double layer style by Sweaty Betty. The leggings have a cool shine effect to them, making them very flattering and different from my other simple black leggings. The sports bra is really comfortable and supportive too! I wore this entire look on Monday doing BBG Legs and an hour on the treadmill. Everything stayed where it was supposed to the entire workout! For sizing, I took a medium in both the leggings and the sports bra, and took a small in the Sweaty Betty tank.

shop more fitness favorites from nordstrom below!

{ thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! }


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