UNDER $100


Heading home today! I’m sad to be leaving beautiful Provence, but excited to sleep in my own bed tonight. June is actually a pretty crazy travel month for me – I only have one week in Dallas before flying out to San Diego for my family’s annual week-long trip in Carlsbad. We usually go in July, but this year we decided to do it a little earlier. I’m excited about this, because I get to spend my birthday in Dallas with my friends this year, but it also means I have a quick turnaround this month before leaving again!

Hopefully I can bounce back and get back to work after this nice vacation I’ve had. It was really nice to not be chained to my computer on this trip, so it may be a struggle! I’m so glad I spent so much time ahead of my trip preparing content so I could fully enjoy myself and not feel like I had to work (aside from shooting photos) at all.

Anyway, here’s a casual budget-friendly roundup for summer that will transition well into fall (at least here in Texas when it’s hot til November)! Depending on how tired I am when I get back, I may or may not get my weekend reading list done for the newsletter tomorrow – hope you guys don’t hold it against me if I take the day off to recover!


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