HELLO, WORLD! I’m so thrilled to be launching my new site design today! I’ve had my same site design for at least two (maybe three?) years, so it was in need of a tuneup. In addition to a logo refresh and some aesthetic improvements, most of the changes I made will hopefully make my content easier for you to read and shop on every device!

A few key changes I want to point out to you:

  1. TRAVEL – Before I was doing my travel guides as individual blog posts (here’s an example!), but I’ve decided to transition them into dedicated pages on my site. So instead of searching through all of my many old blog posts to find what you are looking for, all you have to do is select your destination from this page! Each country or state will have a dedicated landing page where you can then select which cities you’re planning to visit. Once you’ve clicked on a city, you’ll get a rundown of all my favorites and recommendations in that particular location. This section of the site will be your one-stop-shop for travel guides! This is the easiest way for me to keep these guides up to date when I have more to add after return trips with new restaurants, things to do and places to stay. As always, to purchase my full travel itineraries for more recent international destinations, be sure to visit A Detailed Destination.
  2. MOST WANTED – I’ve had a one-column site format for a few years (I don’t love sidebars!), but was in need of a way to highlight important, featured content. For example, I want to be able to showcase big posts like this closet essentials post I did in February, long after it went live. Naturally, more recent blog posts push that content further and further down, which makes it difficult for you to find. This is why I incorporated a MOST WANTED section on my homepage! You’ll find this section directly below the very first blog post featured on my homepage. This section will feature my most popular recent posts, big roundups you guys ask for, and other important content!
  3. READABILITY – Since we all use a variety of devices to digest content these days, I made some changes to the way my individual posts are set up that make it easier for you to read on any kind of device. I decreased the image sizes and content width, and removed the hovering “Shop The Post” bar on individual post pages. Now, you’ll find a static “Shop The Post” section at the bottom of every post with both text and photo links! I also added a direct link to THE SHOP to my main menu – you’ll be able to access it effortlessly when visiting my site on mobile now!


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