This post was supposed to go up over a week ago, but then got pushed back after a couple of campaigns that came up the second I got back in town! In response to a few reader questions on my InstaStories lately, I thought I would share a little review of this Chanel tote I got for Christmas. I’ve been told it’s sold out in the US, but who knows – you might be able to find it on eBay or The Real Real at some point! It also comes in other colors that I believe are still available and in stock at Chanel boutiques.

First of all, this cream and gold color combo is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. There’s nothing quite as glamorous or pristine as clothing and accessories in this color – maybe it’s because it looks so clean? Take a cream-colored suit for example. Don’t you think it looks so much more chic and sharp than suits in other colors? It just looks luxe. Of course, when you invest in a color like this you have to buy it with two intentions: 1) to take really good care of it so it doesn’t get dirty, and 2) to not lose your mind if you do happen to get something on it or it starts to show wear over the years.

I’m generally very good at keeping my designer bags clean and in top condition, and I’m always very careful with my things when out and about. I never just set my bag on the floor at a store or restaurant, unless there is no other option! So with that said, I’m not too concerned about it getting messed up. The bag is made of cotton nylon and lurex, with calfskin leather and gold-tone metal straps. If you wanted to protect it further from staining, you could definitely Scotchgard it! Do a small test spray on the bottom side to make sure it doesn’t mess with the colors or change the texture of the fabric at all before spraying the whole thing.

As far as the straps go, you can wear the leather straps over your arm or the chain straps over your shoulder. I personally don’t carry it with the chain straps when I have heavier items in my bag. While I’m sure they’re perfectly sturdy, I just figure it’s not worth the risk of those ever breaking. The leather straps are VERY secure though, so I just use those when carrying things like my big camera around.

The interior is very spacious and fits a ton! There’s one large zipped pocket on one side, and on the other there’s one smaller pocket and one larger pocket that are not zip-top. Other than that, the space is open and can be filled with all kinds of things. One other thing to note about the interior: there’s a strap with a clasp attached where you can secure your keys or wallet (if it has a hook). So handy, especially when traveling! I always seem to misplace my keys and have to rummage through everything when I get back home. This is a great solution to that problem!

Finally, the bag lies pretty flat, so you could definitely pack it in your carry-on for travel if you didn’t want to wear it on the plan. I would not recommend checking designer handbags of any kind… Overall, I think it is a stunning bag that I will get a ton of use out of this spring/summer season. It’s a gorgeous everyday style at home and a glam vacation piece too!

PS: I’ve received a few questions about my mirror that I share on InstaStories when doing my outfit selfies. It’s this style from Serena & Lily! Such a gorgeous piece!


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