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We’ve finally come to the very last post of this year’s #StyleScribeWellnessWeek! Like last year, I thought it would fun to do an open Q&A so I can answer any fitness, food or wellness-related questions you have for me. If you’re not already subscribed to my newsletter, you may not know I have a Q&A series entitled, Beck & Call. It goes out every Sunday morning with a variety of questions readers send me and my answers! It is always anonymous and the topics vary every week. You’ll often see fashion and styling help-related requests and questions (i.e what to wear to a certain event or wedding), questions about my beauty routine, personal life, etc. Ask me anything! It’s definitely one of the most popular series I do on my blog.

Because it is Wellness Week, I wanted to share the Beck & Call in a blog post so everyone could see it… but if you want to see any future Beck and Call Q&As, you need to subscribe to my newsletter! Thank you to everyone who submitted questions and followed along during my second annual Wellness Week!!! I hope you guys loved it.



QUESTION // What gym do you go to and how often?

ANSWER // I created a little home gym in my garage, so I don’t have a gym membership anywhere! I do my BBG resistance workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in there, and then go to Orange Theory on Tuesday and Thursday. You can read more about my workout schedule here!

QUESTION // Do you use ClassPass, StudioHop, or just buy classes from the studios directly?

ANSWER // The only class I’m going to currently is Orange Theory, so I just buy class packs of 10 or 20 any time I need more! If you get bored easily and like to mix up your workouts every week, I’ve heard those programs (ClassPass and StudioHop) are amazing!

QUESTION // Would love to hear more about OTF- specifically the price. The unlimited is $200+/month. Worth it?

ANSWER // I actually didn’t buy the membership, since I only go twice a week and travel so much! As I mentioned above, I buy class packs of 10 to 20 at a time. Every OTF studio I’ve been to (three at this point!) offers some sort of pack purchase as opposed to the memberships. You may have to stop by or call and ask about, but I’ve been able to buy mine through the Orange Theory smartphone app! When I visit a new studio when I’m traveling, I’ll just buy one or two of the “drop-in” options. You can read about why I’m doing Orange Theory and more about the class itself in this post from Monday!

QUESTION // I’m very interested in Orange Theory and BBG, but extremely intimidated! Do you think these classes are attainable for someone who hasn’t worked out in what feels like a decade? Or would you recommend starting out with a less intense workout?

ANSWER // Totally! BBG is meant to build you up, not throw you off the deep end into an insanely difficult workout. When I first started BBG I did the recommended “Pre-Training”, which is four weeks of circuits that help acclimate you to this specific type of HIIT workout. Here’s a look at the very first workout in BBG Pre-Training (the e-book, not the app!) to give you an idea of what is involved. The Pre-Training segment on the app may look different!

OrangeTheory is intense, but it’s also meant to be taken at your own pace as I mentioned in this deep dive I did in Monday’s post! Read that for all the info you need to know about OrangeTheory.

QUESTION // How long do your BBG workouts usually take?

ANSWER // The BBG workouts are designed to take exactly 28 minutes (four 7 minute circuits), but if you take longer breaks it’s going to take you longer to complete the whole thing. I try my best to do it in 35 minutes or less, but sometimes end up taking longer depending on how tough that specific workout is!

QUESTION // Do you track your completed workouts in an app or on paper etc.?

ANSWER // There’s not like a list I check off or anything, but both BBG and OrangeTheory have reporting tools. On BBG, you have to press a button to start the workout, and once you’ve completed it then that workout is checked off for the week. You can also set the timer for your LISS (low intensity steady state – like walking, running, etc), and it keeps track of how many times you do that each week to hit your minimum. Read more about BBG and the Sweat app in this post from Wednesday! For OrangeTheory, after class you receive an OTBeat Report, which tells you how many splat points you earned, how many calories you burned, steps you took, etc. I post those to InstaStories to hold me accountable and share my progress!

QUESTION // Any tips for getting out of ruts? Especially when PMSing and feeling lazy?

ANSWER // Ask yourself why you’re feeling unmotivated. Do you enjoy the workouts you’ve been doing? What’s your end goal? Do you feel like your progress has stalled or you’re not getting what you wanted out of it? It may be as simple as changing how you’re working out: trying different classes, going at a different time during the day that you’d be less likely to cancel, establishing a routine with a friend. Be sure to read yesterday’s blog post if you need help establishing a good fitness routine!

QUESTION // If you are short on time what is your go-to workout?

ANSWER // BBG! Each workout is designed to take you no more than 30 minutes. With that said, it’s a VERY hard workout and the breaks are very short (30 seconds-1 minute), so if you don’t adhere to those break times it can take you longer than 30 minutes!

QUESTION // Best undergarments for working out!! So tired of wedgies and boob shift.

ANSWER // First of all, I have NO idea how anyone wears full-seated underwear with leggings. First, it’s not a good look (I can’t stand panty lines – sorry, not sorry), and second, the idea of having to tug at my ass throughout a workout sounds miserable and embarrassing! Ditch the full-seated bottoms and go with thongs. My favorite thongs in general (for workouts and regular clothes) are by Hanky Panky. I have this style and this style – super comfortable! If you have a shorter waist or just prefer a more low-cut style, they also have these. I prefer the original or retro styles because they’re more flattering on me, and high-waisted like my leggings and jeans. No visible panty lines, and no wedgies (except for the fact that it’s already a thong?). My favorite supportive sports bras are this style by Nike and this style by Brooks.

QUESTION // What does your weekly workout schedule look like?

ANSWER // I shared my routine in this post on Friday!

QUESTION // How to stick to a workout regime? I’ve tried BBG so many times but can’t stick with it!

ANSWER // I answered this question in this blog post yesterday! Lots of great tips there.

QUESTION // How do you keep yourself motivated DURING a workout? You know, when you’re going through the motions and not pushing yourself.

ANSWER // Y’all, if you could hear the curse words that come out of my mouth during BBG you’d be on the floor laughing. With BBG it’s a mental countdown – I keep track of how many circuits I’ve completed and how many I have left that day. Since each circuit is only 7 minutes long, it doesn’t seem as bad. With OrangeTheory, I keep my eye on the TV screen so I can monitor how many calories I’m burning and how many splat points I’m accumulating! Now that I have an Apple Watch, I can keep track of how many calories I’ve burned when I’m doing BBG too. That is very motivating to me!

QUESTION // How do you burn so many calories during LISS (low intensity steady state)?!

ANSWER // As per Kayla’s instructions in the BBG program for LISS, she walks at 4 miles per hour outside or on a treadmill. If you walk this fast, you’ll complete one mile every fifteen minutes. You burn somewhere around 100 calories every mile you walk, so if you walk for 45 minutes at a 4.0 pace, you’ll walk three miles and burn around 300 calories! The faster you walk, the more miles you’ll accomplish in the allotted time, therefore burning more calories. I just try to stick to the 4.0 pace!

QUESTION // Thoughts on the StepBet app?

ANSWER // I’ve never used it, and hadn’t heard of it until you asked this question!

QUESTION // How do you maintain a healthy/fit lifestyle when you travel?

ANSWER // The easy answer? I stick to my workouts, even on vacation. BBG is a workout you can do literally anywhere – even if the workout tells you to use weights, every move is easy to modify based on what you have available. And since there are only three days a week I HAVE to do BBG, there’s really no excuse not to do it. It takes 30 minutes! Since I do a lot of walking on most trips, I just take a break from cardio on vacation… but I NEVER skip a BBG resistance workout. I’ve done them on the floor of my AirBnBs (literally my entire Switzerland and Japan trips!), I’ve done them in tiny gyms with no equipment… I just get it done. I’m still working on being better about my food choices and portion control when I travel… but generally try to eat a salad or veggie-heavy meal for one meal a day so I don’t feel like I’m eating only the indulgent stuff.

QUESTION // Which workouts give the most bang (cals burned) for the buck?

ANSWER // I don’t think there’s one solution that works for everyone, because everyone is looking for something different. I have friends that are naturally pretty toned and find that certain programs bulk them up more than others, whereas I’m more concerned with fat loss and less concerned with bulking up. High intensity workouts with interval training (like BBG, OrangeTheory, FlyWheel Barry’s Bootcamp, etc) are very, very effective. You push yourself to the max and keep your heart rate high for a certain period of time, which creates an afterburn (where you continue to burn calories the rest of the day). Strength/weight training is also very effective.Other people, like Gwyneth Paltrow, swear by yoga and look amazing! I think it’s not so much what’s the single most effective workout, but finding the right workout for your particular body. Your body may respond to one fitness activity better than another!

QUESTION // What’s your favorite brand of workout leggings?

ANSWER // Consistently, I’d have to say Lululemon. They’re an investment, but I’ve had some of my Lulu pairs for YEARS. Like six or seven years, washing them every week… the fabric is really high-quality and lasts, and the fit cannot be beat. Certain styles are better than others, but most of them stay put completely during my long runs and intense BBG workouts. Worth it!

QUESTION // Have you checked out Alexia Clark’s program? 

ANSWER // No. I’ve really enjoyed BBG by Kayla Itsines. I’ve been doing it for nearly three years and it’s been something I’ve maintained well.  I don’t want to shake things up by trying something similar, and plus I just started using the BBG app for the first time this fall! I’d like to see how far I can take BBG before I try something else like it. You can read more about my BBG experience and the program here!

QUESTION // What are your favorite no-show running socks?

ANSWER // The socks I wear the most are an investment, but they’re super high-quality, comfortable and last a long time. They’re really thick, making them great for running and offer support in your arch which is also a really nice touch! I wear the ankle sock style, but they do have no-show socks too!

QUESTION // Best workout pant for when you are running and moving a lot that will stay up?

ANSWER // I’ve really enjoyed the Train Times and Speed Up pants and crops from LuluLemon. They definitely stay put on me! I’d love to try the All The Right Place style next – it looks similar to the others.

QUESTION // Can you share tips for getting into running? Extreme new beginner over here.

ANSWER // I’ve never really considered myself a runner, but since I started doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts a couple years ago my body has been able to acclimate to running extremely quickly. Because of those HIIT workouts (BBG and Orange Theory), I’m able to keep my heart rate high and go for a longer amount of time before needing a break! If you’re looking to get into running, I’d recommend doing HIIT too! It is SO good for you and will really kickstart your metabolism.

With that said, you can also just start! If you’re really, really new to running, try walking at a brisk pace for 30-45 minutes three times a week for a week or two to get your body warmed up to the idea. Then, try running one full mile a 2-3 times a week. Each week (or every other week), add one more mile to your routine and work your way up! I’m not an expert though, so definitely consult a trainer or doctor before starting a new workout routine! FYI, my friend Emily who is an avid runner created a running guide with tons of great tips for beginners and pros alike, how to start and keep up with a schedule, how to train for races, etc. Give it a read!

QUESTION // Do you believe in private fitness sessions with a personal trainer?

ANSWER // Absolutely, if you can afford it! Having personalized instruction is really nice and you can customize your workouts based on what you’re trying to achieve. It can be pricey though!

QUESTION // Do you have a favorite running shoe?

ANSWER // I’m actually in need of a new pair! I loved my Brooks pair that I wore out, but have been wearing Nike’s a lot recently (which I’ve heard aren’t that great for running)

QUESTION // It’s not about numbers, but how much weight do you think you’ve lost since you started your fitness journey?

ANSWER // As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my “fitness journey” isn’t actually new. About a year before I started BBG I did PureBarre, and did really well with that for awhile but got burned out. I’ve worked out multiple days a week for over a decade, doing various workouts! It’s really been the combo of finding the right fitness routine and eating healthier that has helped me lose weight and keep it off… I also don’t weigh myself (I don’t own a scale), so I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost or even if I have. If I lost weight in fat, I’ve certainly gained it in muscle!

With all of that said, my weight fluctuates quite a bit. When I travel or have a really indulgent weekend, you can definitely tell! One of my goals this year is to work on portion control and indulging in things I crave in moderation so I don’t overdo it and gain a bunch of weight each time I go on a trip.

QUESTION // How are you liking your Apple Watch for fitness tracking? Do you wear it just for workouts? What size do you have?

ANSWER // I’m loving it! I have the 4 series 40mm.I am wearing it every day, all day… but obviously remove it to shower, sleep and for most outfit photos. I love that it tracks the various workouts I do (High Intensity stuff, outdoor walks, running…), and keeps track of the total calories I’ve burned all day, how long I’ve sat (it’s hard for me to meet the stand goal if I’m sitting at my desk all day!), etc. I’ve only had it just over a week, so I definitely have not used it enough to provide a proper rundown on it. I’m planning to do an in-depth review on it after I’ve used it more, so stay tuned for that!

QUESTION // Do you ever feel silly doing BBG workouts in a gym?

ANSWER // Not at all. Personal trainers teach most of the same moves BBG employs, so it’s not unusual to see people doing burpees, box jumps, etc at the gym. You’ve just got to own your shit! Be confident.

QUESTION // Do you wash your hair after every workout?

ANSWER // Nope. I probably only wash my hair 3-4 times a week. I do shower and rinse out my hair after every workout – I get sooooooo sweaty and the idea of blow drying the sweaty hair totally grosses me out.


QUESTION // Do you follow BBG’s food plan? If not, what plan do you do mostly?

ANSWER // I don’t subscribe to a particular plan… mostly because I travel a lot and want to be able to eat things I want when I want to! While following a meal plan works for a lot of people, I’ve found plans difficult to adhere to when I’m traveling or dining out. So I just try to approach eating with the 80/20 rule. For the majority of my meals (usually Sunday-Friday), I eat clean, healthy ingredients: vegetables, meats, and fruit. This applies to when I’m cooking at home or when I’m dining out during the work week!

For example, I went to a fun dinner with a friend of mine on Thursday and ordered a light starter salad and nice fish dish. It probably had butter on it, but aside from that it was a clean, healthy meal. Because I made healthy choices every day throughout the week, I feel no guilt about enjoying something more indulgent on the weekend – whether that’s a dessert, bowl of pasta, or whatever.

QUESTION // Tips to stop snacking – it’s my weakness!

ANSWER // The best piece of advice I can offer is to just not buy snack-y things. I don’t keep anything that would be considered a “snack” in my house when I’m trying to eat healthy – that means no popcorn, chips, nuts, candy, yogurt, etc. Sounds drastic, but if it’s around I WILL EAT IT. Now, I know it’s impossible to do the same at the office since there are usually vending machines, fully stocked pantries and more at work. So in that case, bring drinks: La Croix, make tea, etc. More often than not, your body is craving water and not actually food! And if you’re really desperate for a snack, make it an easy one to eat. Bring a pre-sliced apple to work in a Zip-Loc bag. It’s handy, healthy and ready for you to eat on the fly!

QUESTION // Which diet fads/trends are you totally opposed to? Are there any you would be willing to try?

ANSWER // I think the problem with diet fads and trends is that most of them aren’t realistic. Many of them are great for initial weight loss (or cutting something out of your diet for a short period of time), but most are too restrictive or impractical as a long-term solution. Now, I think there are several that are great: Weight Watchers, for example. It’s all about portion control and identifying which foods are good for you and ones that aren’t. It’s not telling you that you can’t have certain things, but it’s suggesting moderation and balance… so if you have a lot of points at lunch, you just can’t eat as many at dinner. Simple math! It totally makes sense why so many people have found it to be a great life-long commitment.

Others, like Whole30, juice cleanses, the cabbage soup diet, aren’t realistic long term (at least for me). I think it is totally possible to eat paleo for the rest of your life, but Whole30 specifically is so restrictive it’s nearly impossible to eat at restaurants unless you know you’re going to be able to get them to completely customize the meal for you. You can read the list here of what’s allowed and what’s not! I enjoyed doing Whole30 two years ago, simply because I wanted to see if I could live without sugar and I can… and I think it’s a great way to identify food sensitivities you might have. But I don’t think it’s one I could stick to when I’m traveling or for the rest of my life – I like to indulge on occasion and love to try all kinds of foods.

Instead of doing a “diet”, I just try to eat healthy foods most of the time so I can indulge some of the time.

QUESTION // I’ve done Whole30 twice but I’ve used Splenda in my coffee both times but with no other cheats. I cannot find any way to sweeten coffee without sugar substitutes. Would love to hear if you’ve found a substitute!

ANSWER // I’m not doing Whole30 now, but since I did Whole30 two years ago I really haven’t needed to add sweetener to my coffee. In fact, I feel like sweetened coffees taste too sweet now! If you can just commit to drinking bitter coffee for a week (it’s painful, I KNOW!), you will actually get used to it like I did and acclimate to it not having sugar in it. But if you really can’t stand it, add unsweetened almond or coconut milk to lessen the bitter taste and dilute the coffee a bit! I drink my coffee with almond milk regularly these days.

QUESTION // Have you tried intermittent fasting?

ANSWER // I have! While I didn’t find it that difficult to adhere to, I feel like it made me more bloated. Both Beth and Liz have had amazing success with it doing The Faster Way To Fat Loss though, so it definitely works for some people!! I also didn’t enjoy how ravenous I was by the time lunch rolled around, and think that made me eat really fast and larger portions. To be fair I haven’t done it in any official or long-term capacity, I just tried the 16/8 method for a few weeks. You can read about the various methods here!

QUESTION // How do you not overdo it with overly caloric foods?

ANSWER // First, I don’t buy them at the grocery store. Unless I’m cooking for a holiday party or hosting friends, I don’t buy frozen food and I don’t buy processed food. I pretty much only buy produce (veggies and fruit), meat and cheese. Cheese can certainly be caloric, but I use it more to season food than eating chunks of cheese.

If I’m eating out, I choose very specific restaurants where I want to be bad. If it’s something I haven’t had for a long time I’ll indulge (queso and cheese enchiladas for example). But if I’m at a restaurant that makes yummy healthy options, I’ll order on the healthier side – Hillstone, for example, has a mix of healthy and unhealthy options. I’ll just go with the salmon and kale salad because I know they are DELICIOUS there! Just try to be choosy and only splurge when you really feel the need to.

QUESTION // What motivates you to work out and eat healthy? Is it looks or feeling good?

ANSWER // A little bit of both! I definitely think the fact that I take photos of myself every week motivates me to look my best. But I also enjoy the satisfaction of working out and feeling strong. I may hate the workout when I’m doing it, but I have never once regretted it when it’s over! Eating healthy for me has a lot to do with the way I look – that’s probably an unpopular opinion, but if I could eat real pasta every day I absolutely would. I LOVE food, and as much as it pains me to admit I can’t eat everything I want without gaining weight, I do. With that said, I like being healthy and want to live a very happy, long life!

QUESTION // Do you have any tips on how to stay on track when eating out?

ANSWER // Sure! Here are a few tips for ya:

  • Be selective about where you eat – unless you live in the middle of nowhere, there are likely a number of restaurants you can choose from. If you’re tempted by Italian food or burgers, don’t eat at places that focus on those! Suggest to whoever you’re with the other restaurants in your area where you know you can choose something that’s both healthy and tasty.
  • If your friends order an unhealthy app for the table, order a salad or a healthier appetizer – this keeps you from feeling left out and you won’t be as tempted by the bread on the table. You also won’t be as ravenous by the time your entree comes!
  • Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about making healthy choices – I’ve had friends and family members give me crap on occasion when I choose something healthy over an unhealthy option when out at a restaurant. Most of the time I’ve found it’s their own insecurity about making unhealthy choices themselves, so I just disregard it… but if they get me on the wrong day or say it more than once and it annoys, I’ll politely tell them I’m trying to be good and to be respectful of that – I don’t give them shit for ordering something unhealthy!

QUESTION // Would love for you to share some clean and healthy snack ideas!

ANSWER // As I mentioned in this post, I generally avoid snacking if I can! You can find healthy snack ideas in that post.

QUESTION // How many of your own meals during the week do you try to have prepped? Any weekend prep?

ANSWER // Because I work from home/for myself, I can prep anytime of day. The only times I really “prep” are when it’s for breakfast – I like to have things ready to go in the morning so I don’t have to worry about doing a big cleanup every day. So on Sunday I’ll hard-boil my eggs, whip up the chia seed pudding, or bake those egg muffins so they’re all ready to eat when I wake up each morning. Occasionally I’ll chop up veggies the night before or during lunch so I can quickly throw dinner together if I have plans or know I’ll be working/shooting late.

QUESTION // What do you eat or drink before your workouts?

ANSWER // I work out first thing in the morning, so usually just a cold brew coffee and a light breakfast of a fruit + protein combo… lately that’s been one hard-boiled egg and a small banana!

QUESTION // Do you have a go-to protein powder or bar? Can’t seem to find one I like.

ANSWER // The only time I’ve ever really eaten bars was during Whole30 – I loved RX and Lara bars! Not all flavors are Whole30-approved, but most are. They are only made with real, whole ingredients – no gluten, no added sugar, no dairy. Not many other protein bars can say that! If you’re looking for a protein powder to use in a smoothie or drink with almond milk, try Vega. I love putting Chocolate Vega in a smoothie with some coldbrew coffee, a banana, almond milk and ice. So good! You can find it at Central Market and Whole Foods.

QUESTION // Can you give a detailed daily food diary when trying to be healthy?

ANSWER // I received dozens of questions about this and sharing what I eat in a typical day/week! You can read about that in this post from Friday, which also features an index of healthy recipes I make and love!

QUESTION // What is your average alcohol intake during the week?

ANSWER // I’m currently doing Dry January, so none… But when even when it’s not, I typically don’t drink Sunday-Friday. I don’t like to mess with my workout routine! I usually reserve alcohol intake for Friday night and/or Saturday, although it’s usually only once a week for me these days… I am more relaxed about it during the holidays and on vacation, but generally don’t drink alcohol Sunday through Friday.

QUESTION // What type of foods work well for your skin?

ANSWER // What works for me may not work for you! But generally if I avoid fatty foods, sugar and dairy my skin stays clear. I can always tell on my face if I’ve had a lot of either of those things, because I’ll start to get pimples!

QUESTION // Where do you find inspiration and recipes when you cook?

ANSWER // I follow several food bloggers and pin a lot of recipes to my Pinterest boards! Some bloggers/sites I recommend include The Defined Dish, What’s Gabby Cooking, Nom Nom Paleo, Goop, SkinnyTaste, Inspiralized, The Kitchn, and Damn Delicious (lots of hearty dishes – not so much healthy!).

QUESTION // Have you ever done Whole30?

ANSWER // Yep! You can read about my experience here and here.

QUESTION // Do you consider sweet potato a vegetable? Trying to cut out carbs, dairy and sugar like you and excited to try the chicken pesto stuffed sweet potato recipe you shared!

ANSWER // I do, but it’s one I don’t eat very often since it’s so starch-heavy. They’re very rich in vitamins and minerals, but are also high in carbs and in calories. I love them in this recipe and occasional as a brunch item (breakfast potatoes!), but only make them once a month or so.

QUESTION // Can you share any tips or resources you’ve found to manage portion control?

ANSWER // Sure thing. Below is a list of tips I’ve picked up that may help:

  • Drink lots of water before and during your meal.
  • Eat the healthiest things on your plate first (salad, veggies, etc).
  • Eat slowly! I really struggle with this…
  • Restaurant portions in the US are ridiculously huge, so if you’re going out to eat, only eat half (ask to take the leftovers home!) or split the entree with a friend.
  • When you’re eating, don’t be doing something else. If you’re focused on something else and not the food in front f you (working at your desk, watching TV, etc), you’re likely to eat a lot more without realizing how full you are or how much you’ve already consumed. That’s why snacking in front of the TV is so easy to do all day long!

QUESTION // How do you get the confidence to freestyle your recipes?

ANSWER // I don’t usually – I generally get an initial idea from a recipe I see online! That’s how I got inspired to create the butternut squash noodles + goat cheese recipe. I saw the combo a lot in pasta (normal pasta WITH chunks of butternut squash, goat cheese and sage) – and since I try not to eat pasta, I decided to try it using the butternut squash as the actual pasta substitute.

QUESTION // I’ve cut out starches and sugar (aka low carb)… what should I eat for breakfast before OrangeTheory? I never feel good when working out on low carb.

ANSWER // As I mentioned above, I generally just have coffee with a piece of fruit and/or a hard-boiled egg. Chia seed pudding is another great pre-workout breakfast! It gives you so much sustainable energy.

QUESTION // How much water do you drink each day? I try so hard to get to 2 liters, but that only happens once in a while.

ANSWER // I’d like to say I was really good about this, but I’m not. I do my best to drink water all day long, but I’ve honestly never kept track!

QUESTION // What was the hardest about cutting carbs and sugar this week?

ANSWER // The carb stuff I’ve actually gotten down to a fine art. I almost never buy carbs at the store (pasta, bread, chips, crackers, etc) anymore and have stuck to that for at least the last year or so. I really only ever indulge in those items over the holidays, when I’m traveling, out for a fun dinner or if it’s a special occasion. Occasionally I’ll grocery shop hungry and bring home something like that, but it’s a rarity.

Sugar, on the other hand, is MUCH harder for me to quit. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever! I could eat salads all day every day if that meant I was allowed to have ice cream, candy or cookies every night. Seriously. Not kidding. I don’t discriminate. I love all kinds of sweets. With that said, I know that’s not the healthiest attitude. Doing Whole30 two years ago showed me just how addicted to sugar I really was. I got hangover-sized headaches the first week! After that it got easier, but it impressed upon me how addictive sugar is. I maintained the no-sugar thing for awhile after Whole30, but of course have eaten it again (and a lot) in the last two years. This past week and a half, the hardest part was just making the choice not to eat it… and substitute regular old fruit for it instead. Right now frozen grapes are my saving grace!

QUESTION // Would you ever consider creating your own fitness and meal plan to sell? #Idbuyit

ANSWER // I’m so flattered!! But no… I’m nowhere near an expert – I’m not a personal trainer or fitness instructor… I’m also not a nutritionist or wellness guru. I’m still figuring all of this out for myself!


QUESTION // I just bought a scale but now I’m obsessing over the number. What is your system?

ANSWER // You might be surprised to hear this, but I actually don’t own a scale. I honestly don’t care what the number is, as long as I am looking and feeling good in my clothes. The fact that I take photos of myself for my blog does a decent job of keeping me in check – I can tell week to week whether I’ve been eating right based on how bloated I look in photos. Sounds ridiculous, but my weight fluctuates SO much and it’s very obvious to me!

QUESTION // Have you tried mindfulness or meditation?

ANSWER // I haven’t! While I totally support the choice of others to practice meditation, I’m a cynic. Mindfulness, on the other hand, is definitely something I am working towards. Being attached to my cellphone and laptop at all times is such a plague!

QUESTION // Did your sinus issues ever get resolved and how have you been keeping them away?

ANSWER // I hate to say it, but no. After several sinus infections last year and the year before, I went to two different ENTs… One told me I needed surgery, and the second I went to wanted to try one last round of antibiotics. The antibiotics kicked the sinus infection, but it didn’t kick the strange drainage issues I was having. Unfortunately, I’m still having that issue. I even did another CAT scan and he couldn’t locate anything that would explain it. So I sort of stopped looking into it. I’ve considered that it might be an allergy, but I’ve never had any allergies and it’s not a weather thing – I have this problem every. single. day. If I get another sinus infection though, he suggested I should have surgery. Crossing my fingers it doesn’t happen!

QUESTION // Do you ever deal with anxiety? You always seem so confident! If so, any tips to overcome it?

ANSWER // Definitely! Not in an everyday sense though. My anxieties are mostly on the uncertainty of my future, things and situations I can’t control (flying in an airplane, large crowds at a concert or sporting event) and that sort of thing. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become acutely aware of my mortality, and I guess that gives me anxiety. But I don’t deal with it on a daily basis!

QUESTION // Who do you follow for fitness/wellness inspiration?

ANSWER // Kayla Itsines (the founder of BBG) is probably the person who inspires me most on Instagram. I love watching clips of her workout circuits and when she shares progress photos of the many women who are utilizing her program. It is so motivating!!!! I can’t say I follow anyone for wellness, but for fitness inspo/workout videos I love following Mary, Beth and Liz.

QUESTION // I get anxious about going to a workout class without a friend. Any tips to stay motivated/confident? 

ANSWER // I guess my first tip would be to identify what’s giving you anxiety… is it the fact that you’re worried you’ll embarrass yourself in class? Or do you just generally not enjoy being alone? If the answer is the former, just remember everyone in class is there for the exact same reason you are. Nobody is there to judge you, and in most cases, those people are all way more concerned with themselves than about you! That’s just the nature of people.

If you just don’t enjoy being places by yourself or going alone, this is actually a great opportunity to establish a workout buddy in your class! That way if you go to the class at the same time you’ll always have a friend there. I’m naturally very outgoing, and always manage to strike up a conversation with someone, whether it’s the instructor or someone in the class with me. One thing I’ve discovered when working out? Misery loves company. After a particularly rough block on the treadmill at Orange Theory, I may make eye contact with the person on the tread next to me and say something like “Good LORD, that was tough”. They usually laugh and agree with me. Then the next class I see them in I’ll strike up a conversation or say something to them before or after class about the workout… like “Do you know which workout it is today?” or “I’m definitely going to be so sore tomorrow!”. Most people are perfectly friendly and enjoy chatting once you get them going!

QUESTION // Do you take any daily vitamins or supplements for overall health/hair/energy?

ANSWER // The only thing I take is a daily multivitamin gummy. I’ve tried other supplements, but always end up stopping because I forget to take them consistently! I’m also not entirely sure any of them actually do anything. The only reason I remember to take the multivitamin is because it tastes good! I think of it as a mid-morning, post-workout snack… whatever works, #amiright?!


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