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The Edit | Winter White Coat + Camel Accessories

Yesterday was one of those Mondays where I got a lot done, but not in the order I should have done it all. Coming back from a long trip always puts me in a bit of a tizzy, especially when it comes to reverting back to my usual schedule! Also, my fall intern’s last day was a few days before I left for New York, and I won’t have an intern again until after the New Year. This doesn’t throw me off at all, but it does allow me to be a bit more flexible in terms of what time of day I do certain things… namely work out and run errands. So yesterday I was sort of all over the place with this newfound freedom! I got work done and ran errands until about 2pm, had some maintenance guys come work on my heater for a few hours while I continued to work on the computer (one downside to home ownership – you’re in charge of getting things fixed!), and then finally did BBG at 5 and went for a walk after that before cooking dinner! It wasn’t a particularly busy day, but I somehow managed to have things back to back from 7am-5pm. Just a Monday after vacation, I suppose.

While I’m sad to lose my fall intern (thanks for all of your hard work, Nicole!), I’m looking forward to enjoying a more flexible and relaxed schedule for the rest of the holiday season. It will allow me some wiggle room for things like wrapping presents, running holiday errands and getting together with friends before we all head our separate ways for Christmas!

PS: yesterday I finished editing all of the photos Carter and I took while I was in New York! The first outfit post from my trip will be coming on Monday, so stay tuned… so excited to share!!!


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