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beauty products I never travel without


Beauty Products I Never Travel WIthout

[halves]Beauty Products I Never Travel WIthout

Beauty Products I Never Travel WIthout[/halves]

Happy Friday! On my recent trip to New York, I received a bunch of questions about the beauty look I was wearing, but more specifically what beauty products I can’t travel without. I have a pretty simple makeup routine that I haven’t changed much in the last decade, but there are a few standout products that I never leave home without these days.

MARC JACOBS COCONUT GEL HIGHLIGHTER – whenever I want to be photo- or video-ready or am getting ready for a big event, I always mix this coconut gel highlighter with my foundation. It provides the most beautiful, subtle glow that really picks up on camera! It’s not too dramatic for everyday wear, I just prefer to wear it when I really want to make my look pop and feel extra glamorous. You can read more about the product in my last post on it here!

NARS CONCEALER – I’ve been using this concealer for so long, I can’t remember when I actually first tried it. It had to have been in college or earlier? Either way, it’s been a staple in my makeup routine every since I can remember having a makeup routine. I use it to cover up my dark under-eye circles, hide blemishes and even out skin tone after applying my foundation. If my skin is unusually marked, I’ll even carry this in my purse to reapply later in the day if necessary! It does such a great job of hiding things. I use the color Vanilla.

BENEFIT HOOLA BRONZER – this is another product I’ve used for what seems like forever! As a very fair-skinned gal, I’ve tried a variety of bronzers only to look like an orange. I feel like so many bronzers out there are targeting people who have warmer undertones to their skin, which ends up looking terrible on me (I have cooler undertones!). This is the only bronzer I’ve tried that doesn’t make me look like I applied bad self-tanner or give me the appearance of “dirty” skin – you know what I mean? It’s great and I highly recommend it!

GIVENCHY BASE MASCARA – this product is the holy grail of achieving the best lashes. In addition to NeuLASH, of course! I apply this pretty pink formula to my lashes and let it dry for about 30 seconds before finalizing the look with my regular black mascara. It adds volume and length so effortlessly! I only apply one coat of the primer, and usually two coats of black mascara.

CHANEL LIP GLOSS – my favorite lip glosses are by Chanel, hands down. The formula isn’t too sticky, it’s easy to apply and they have the BEST colors! My current favorites are 119 (sparkly rose pink) and 712 (sheer gold).


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