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Under $100 Roundup | Madewell Flannel Shirt

This week has been crazy! I flew back to Dallas from New York late Tuesday night, only to wake up before dawn to drive to Austin yesterday. You think I would have just flown directly to Austin, but I needed to switch out my luggage as I’ll be heading to the ranch this weekend… very different outfits from what I was wearing in New York! I was invited to a fun lunch with Brooklyn Decker yesterday to learn more about her company Finery (more on that later!), so I had to wake up early to make sure I’d arrive to the event on time!

Needless to say I am pretty pooped as I write this. I’m scheduling this post in advance so I can sleep in a bit Thursday (aka today). I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet because my brain is just too foggy to write anything profound or interesting. Here’s a fall-inspired under $100 roundup to get you in the Halloween mood!


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