Under $100

under $100


Budget Friendly Fall Fashion | Under $100

If you’re in Texas or somewhere else that will be hot until November, you’re probably rolling your eyes at this Under $100 roundup, but I DON’T CARE. I’m sort of joking, but also kind of serious. I cannot wait to throw on sweaters, jeans and boots for the next seven days while I’m in Colorado. This is the kind of weather I was hoping for in Switzerland, but due to their unusually warm August, I only got to enjoy cool weather the last couple days of my trip. So thrilled to be heading somewhere cool, and also just looking forward to a relaxing week with one of my best girlfriends!

This will be my last big trip for the foreseeable future, as I’m hoping to spend time in Dallas this fall with my friends. When I’m back, I’ll be going to tailgates and watching football, spending time with family, and just enjoying being home. I also can’t wait for the Texas State Fair in October, Halloween and the holidays… so much to look forward to! Cheers to the most exhilarating summer of travel ever! Sad it’s over, but excited to see what’s next.


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