end of summer fitness roundup + a cardio circuit to try


End of Summer Fitness Roundup

Since I’ve been home the past few weeks, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting back into a routine! Working out six days a week, eating healthy (mostly!), and spending quality time with my friends has been really, really great. Last weekend instead of going to a FlyWheel class (needed to give my quads a break!), I decided to make up my own circuit for a quick blast of cardio before a long walk then pool day with my girlfriends. With the combination of BBG and FlyWheel, my muscles can get pretty worn out! With that said, I always like to try and sweat at least once a day.

I posted the cardio circuit I did on InstaStories and had many of you request I post it somewhere permanent, so I’m going to do that here! It took me under ten minutes to complete the workout below, but boy was I sweating, huffing and puffing at the end. I was still sweating thirty minutes later! This little circuit was just the cardio blast I needed on a Saturday. I’m planning to start adding a version of this to my routine each week – I even think it’s helping me complete my regular BBG circuits a little faster. Leg day on Monday went by SO much faster than it has in awhile, and I really do think it’s because of Saturday’s cardio mash-up! Sometimes you just need to mix it up to make a change for the better.

Do the following circuit as fast as you can (see photos below for examples!). Repeat for a total of four rounds.

30 plank to toe touches (15 each side)

60 high knees (30 each side)

40 bench hops (20 each side)

15 burpees

*I am not a health or fitness expert. Please consult with a physician before attempting a new exercise. All of these exercises are done at your own risk!

PS – everything in this collage is under $100 except for the tote!


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