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[halves]Club Monaco Striped Wide Leg Cropped Pants | The Style Scribe

Club Monaco Striped Wide Leg Cropped Pants | The Style Scribe[/halves]

Club Monaco Striped Wide Leg Cropped Pants | The Style Scribe

I’ve gotta admit, this outfit was a bit out of my comfort zone for two reasons. For one, my hips are one of my problem areas and I don’t ever like them on display… hence why I love wearing dresses! The dresses I gravitate towards have a cinched waist, loose hips and show off my legs. More often than not I feel like pants tug in the hip area on me, and because they don’t show off my legs they just aren’t that flattering to my figure. With all of that said, I’ve discovered that a high-waisted and cropped wide leg pant isn’t actually all that bad! It’s not a look I’ll wear every day, but when I’m in the mood to mix things up I feel like these cute striped pants will be a good go-to. The vertical stripes elongate the legs and the high waist keeps them flattering up top – perfect for pairing with lightweight camis, crop tops or tees this summer! The other reason? The crop top. Not something I wear very often, but I thought it was a flattering way to show off my waist in these pants!

Another thing I’ve gotta confess: I had really high hopes for the Little Venice area of London, but unfortunately was let down. The pictures I’d seen of the canals were so beautiful, and what I’d read made it seem like it was a pretty lively little area… Maybe we just went on the wrong day, or the cloudy weather took it all down a notch. Whatever the case, we didn’t stay very long! Needless to say, I did not include it in The London Itinerary.

Which brings me to one major point and purpose of the guides. I test out all of the places myself and only recommend activities that are truly amazing! Which saves you from having the same experience that we did and feeling like you wasted your time on something not so great.


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