The day has come, my friends!!!

My new travel site, A Detailed Destination, has officially launched!

I’m so excited to finally share this new venture with you, as it’s something I’ve been putting my heart and soul into the last several weeks. Over the years I’ve traveled to some amazing places, and as I’ve done so I’ve created city guides for this little blog of mine… but time and time again I receive emails, texts, and messages on Instagram to share my exact itineraries for the trips I take. While my city guides have a lot of great info, they are just the tip of the iceberg when you compare it to the detailed itineraries I create for myself before I travel.

As a Type-A personality and a bonafide planner, I do an immense amount of research when visiting a new place. I make many lists, cross reference across multiple websites, and create a number of Google Docs to keep track of all the information… and that’s all before I create a final itinerary in a single Google Doc to print out for myself. Sounds intense, right? Once I’m done though, I feel SO relieved to have a solid plan to refer to when I arrive at my destination.

What I realized, however, is not everyone has the time or the patience to do that kind of research and planning before a big trip. And while there are options out there (travel agents, for example), you’re almost always going to be coughing up a bunch of extra cash for that kind of tailored travel planning. And on that same note, how do you know you can trust a travel agent’s recommendations? Wouldn’t you rather get recommendations from someone you trust and have seen places they’ve been to before?

And with that, A Detailed Destination was born.

On, I am selling my comprehensive itineraries in an easy-to-print PDF format. All of my recommendations are tried and true favorites I’ve been to before myself – in all likelihood, you’ve seen them on my Instagram! In addition to curated itineraries considering location, activity, proximity to restaurants and other spots, these in-depth guides feature need-to-know info like customary etiquette, transportation recommendations, pricing and fees associated with various activities, what time of year to go, and more. You’ll also find exclusive extras in each guide, such as my favorite travel or photo-editing apps, the best places for photo opps, phrases to know, etc. Basically, it’s your one-stop-shop for planning your trips without ever lifting a finger. Once you buy my guide, all you’ve gotta do is book your flight, book your hotel or AirBnB, and go.

My debut guide for A Detailed Destination is on Japan, but each month I’ll be launching a new itinerary!

Next month’s location? LONDON!

I hope you all will take a minute to check out my new website and share with any family members, friends or coworkers you think would be interested in buying my guides! You can also click here to follow my new Instagram page and click here to subscribe to my newsletter (aptly titled THE MANIFEST) for alerts when new itineraries hit the site. Your continued support of my blog and now this new venture is very much appreciated – thank you all so much for following along!!!


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