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Summer Beauty Must-Haves from Sephora | Dallas Blogger

[halves]Summer Beauty Must-Haves from Sephora | Dallas Blogger

Summer Beauty Must-Haves from Sephora | Dallas Blogger[/halves]

Summer Beauty Must-Haves from Sephora | Dallas Blogger

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked beauty over here, so I thought I’d update you guys on products I’m using as we head into summer! Don’t miss these must-haves…


As I’m sure most people are, I’m very particular about fragrances. When summertime hits, I want to wear something light and crisp… a scent that’s refreshing enough to make me feel like I’m cool even when it’s 100+ degrees out! This season, I’m reaching for Nectar by Commodity. This fragrance features a beautiful bouquet made up of citrus fruits (pomelo and tangerine), neroli and honeysuckle. Nectar is a bright but zesty fragrance. It reminds me of a warm summer day enjoying a homemade tart lemonade on my newly decorated patio. It’s perfect for these hotter-than-hot Texas summers!


As someone who either burns or looks pale year-round, I’m all about a little faux glow. Especially on my face, where I apply sunscreen every single day! These glow pads are the perfect way to add a subtle tint of color on the go. I wipe one all over my face post-shower, and several hours later the color appears. It’s a great thing to do the night or morning before a big date, event, or party! Also, because it’s a pad and not a bottle, it’s so easy to travel with – I take them everywhere!

More recently I picked up the larger glow pads for your body, and they’re just as easy to use! I will say it took a couple tries to get it applied really evenly on areas like my ankles, but I’ve got the hang of it now. Pro tip: apply body lotion immediately following the wipe to make the tanning agent a little less potent and really even out the tone. These are a lifesaver, especially when traveling or if you don’t have time to fit in a spray tan!


I generally always wear a subtle lip look unless I’m trying to make a real statement at a party. Mostly the colors are of the pink or nude variety, and I recently found a new solid hue to wear every day. This lipstick in Naked is very opaque and gives more of a satin matte look, all while keeping my lips looking and feeling hydrated.


I’ve said this before, but this coconut gel highlighter has been a game changer for my makeup routine! It’s super lightweight and lasts all day long. I apply it before I apply my foundation, concealer, powder and bronzer, and you can STILL see it through the makeup! It’s gives a very powerful glow, so I wouldn’t recommend trying to wear it without mixing it with foundation or wearing it underneath like I do. With that said, I feel like it makes my skin look more clear, vibrant, youthful and red-carpet ready. It’s incredible!


I’ve been opting for a pale pink color scheme on my eyes this season! It’s soft, subtle and perfect for wearing from day to night. My two go-to colors have been Virgin as a base coat and Sin for added shimmer on my lids (from this palette). The combo is gorgeous! I usually wear that all day, then to dress it up for nighttime I’ll dab one of the other darker shades in my crease to create a smokey look.

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