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Master Bedroom Closet Reveal | Bench with Shoe Cubbies

[halves]Master Bedroom Closet Reveal | Bench with Shoe Cubbies

Master Bedroom Closet Reveal | Bench with Shoe Cubbies[/halves]

Master Bedroom Closet Goals | Shoe Storage Ideas

[halves]Master Bedroom Closet Ideas | Diamond Carpet

Master Bedroom Closet Ideas | Handbag Storage[/halves]

Master Bedroom Closet Design | Shoe and Handbag Storage

[halves]Master Bedroom Closet Goals | Color Coded Clothes

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[halves]Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas[/halves]

Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

[halves]Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas[/halves]

Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

[halves]Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas[/halves]

Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

[halves]Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

Master Bedroom Closet Design Ideas[/halves]

AHHHHHH! I’m so excited to finally share my very first room reveal at the new house!!!! Naturally, we’re starting with my master bedroom closet. This room was certainly the easiest to finish, mostly because of it’s small size and lack of actual furniture! The planning of the layout, however, took a bit more time.


I pulled photo after photo from some of my favorite closets on Pinterest for inspiration and gave them all to my builder, who then made a couple of different sketches for me. I knew I wanted a window (all about that natural light) and a bench with shoe cubbies, but other than that I wasn’t really sure what I’d need in terms of space.

My mom being the smart cookie she is, advised me to measure the space of my closet at the time (in the townhouse I was in) to see how much space I’d need for certain items. I measured how tall my handbags and shoes were, and additionally measured the height and width of space my clothes were taking up in the old closet. After several edits and sketches, we finally had an idea of what it might look like! Once things started getting built we were able to fine tune it a bit, but what you see now is pretty much what it was when we started the building process. After living in it for about half a year, I will say the one thing I wish I had a little more of was long hanging space. I have a lot of dresses, and unfortunately I’m unable to fit both my fall/winter and spring/summer dresses + my favorite lightweight trenches in the long hanging space all at the same time. Luckily I have two closets in the guest room I’m using for winter coat storage and to store those seasonal dresses – I just have to switch them out when the weather turns!

One thing I do have plenty of? Shoe and handbag storage. I absolutely love all the various cubbies and shelves for displaying my favorite pieces, and the fact that each clothing section is tall enough to place additional flats, sneakers and sandals underneath… not to mention I have another entire foot of space above each rack of clothing around the room for storing hats, bags, shoes and other accessories! I’ve received numerous questions about my bench/shoe cubby space below my window – that is a piece I asked the carpenter to make when they were creating the shelves and other pieces in my closet! While I could’ve used that space some other way, my closet isn’t wide enough to have an ottoman in the middle without blocking the walkway. I love how I have a spot to put my shoes on that also contains some extra shoe storage!


The first step of styling the space was picking the carpet, since that would be going in before anything else! My designer Maddie and I picked up a bunch of samples, and I narrowed it down to these choices. In the end, I decided I liked the clean lines and sharp look of the diamond print Stark over the other options! The subtle grey color was easy to work with, but that also made it tricky to choose a fabric – there were so many pretty options!!

Before the carpet was installed, I found a stunning light fixture while perusing ABC Carpet & Home in New York! I’d actually ordered a flush mount for the closet, but realized it didn’t do the space justice. I really wanted to get a peek of the light fixture from the bathroom, and the flush mount didn’t hang low enough. Unfortunately many of the pendants I’d found prior to the one at ABC hung too low for my 9′ ceilings. Amazingly enough, ABC Carpet & Home was able to customize the length of the rod attached to the fixture so it would be a perfect fit! It was a big splurge, but it’s a piece I know I’ll have for a very long time – it could go in a future office, bathroom, nursery, etc. I couldn’t pass it up!

After the carpet was installed, we selected the fabrics for the bench and window treatment. We decided to do the same window shade style and colors as the bathroom (so the spaces would be cohesive), and the bench fabric was one we found that I knew I wanted to use somewhere! I love that it is a neutral tone that compliments the grey without actually matching it – the fabric features an absolutely stunning shimmer to it that I thought added a glam element to my bench. I’m really happy with it, especially now that I have these darling Missoni pillows to tie it all together! Maddie and I originally pulled this Missoni fabric as an option for the Euro pillows on my bed, but decided it was a bit too much of a look for that space. Two accent pillows in a closet, however, was the perfect idea! I love the mix of prints with my pillows and rug, and I think it adds a nice pop of color without taking away from the calming neutral color scheme of the closet.

I absolutely love how my closet design came together and think it’s the perfect combination of glamorous and comfortable. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!! Feel free to pin any of these photos to your hearts content!

{ photography by Beckley & Co }


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