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[halves]Topshop Swirl Tuck Sweater from Nordstrom | Merritt Beck

Topshop Swirl Tuck Sweater from Nordstrom | Merritt Beck[/halves]

Topshop Swirl Tuck Sweater from Nordstrom | Merritt Beck

[halves]Topshop Swirl Tuck Sweater from Nordstrom | Merritt Beck

Topshop Swirl Tuck Sweater from Nordstrom | Merritt Beck[/halves]

The weather this last week has been AMAZING in Dallas! After what seemed like an entire month of rain and frigid temps, the clouds cleared and welcomed in sunny, mild days. Not only am I happy about that so I can actually get out of the house, but also for the clothes. I am SO ready for spring! Don’t get me wrong, I love fall – it’s winter that I don’t jive with. I’m always cold as it is, and all those extra layers are a hassle. I’m ready for lightweight sweaters, white jeans, breezy sundresses, colorful flats and more as we head into warmer weather. The trees are even starting to bloom around town, which naturally provides a beautiful backdrop for photos! I just love this time of year!

You guys know I have been relying heavily on these skinny jeans for the past few months (they’re just so flattering and comfortable!), but I like to mix things up with different jean styles from time to time. I love the look of a slouchy sweater with some distressed, authentic denim, don’t you? There’s just a sort of an effortless, cool feel to it when paired together. I’ve had these jeans for just about a year, and always pull them out when I need to shake things up from my normal skinny jean looks. They have zero give because there’s no stretch in the denim, so size accordingly – in the skinny jeans I wear a 27, but I sized up to a 28 in the straight leg pair! They’re high-waisted and slightly cropped which makes them perfect for wearing with flats, mules, sneakers or sandals.

But the real star of this outfit is my sweater! The color is so perfect for spring and the unique swirl pattern in this knit adds a special touch and interesting texture. Like the jeans, it’s a slightly cropped style – ideal for tucking into a pair of high-waisted jeans like these! The weave on this sweater is slightly open/loose, so it’s pretty cool and lightweight. I believe I’ll be able to wear it into May! When the weather warms up a bit more, I plan to pair it with white jeans (just bought these and LOVE the fit – they’re also really thick, aka no see-through white jeans over here!) and shorts. Did I mention this sweater is under $70?

PS – my mules are actually on sale for $70! They also come in black or silver, but the nude is a wonderful go-to this time of year for me.


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