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Mango Stripe Wrap Back Dress | Under $100

Sometimes these collages come together really easily, and other times things just don’t fit! I actually had an entirely different Under $100 roundup ready to post today, but decided yesterday afternoon I didn’t love it. It just wasn’t cohesive enough for my liking – Type A gal, over here! So I scrapped that post and started fresh. Opting for a neutral palette is never a bad idea, in my humble opinion. I started with this plain white tee and built it up from there! I’ve had a bunch of people ask  lately how I make these collages – the answer is Adobe Photoshop. If you have any more blogging-related questions, be sure to check out my Blogging Tips section. There are four VERY in depth blog posts sharing the nitty gritty on how to start a blog, how to build a following, how to engage with brands, so on and so forth. Enjoy!

Anyway, hope you guys love this pretty neutral roundup as much as I do! Happy shopping :)


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