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Ashwell Sideboard in Bleached Walnut | Neutral Interiors Roundup

I was planning on doing another Under $100 collage this week, but just couldn’t find enough pieces I liked… so I’ve switched gears and thought I’d share a few pretty neutral finds that have me inspired at the moment. I’ve still got a ways to go with decorating my house, but one big thing is happening today! I’m having my master bedroom, office and dining room rugs installed today. The first two I found at The Collective in Dallas (such pretty options at great prices!!), and the third is this jute from Annie Selke. I knew I wanted a jute in my dining room so as to not compete with the Oushak in the living space right next to it. After bringing a few samples home to try, I decided the bleached oak color would be best! I made sure to take my shoes off and feel it with my feet, and it is oh so comfortable. What I love most about this jute is the elegant, oversized weave. While a jute is definitely more casual than an Oushak, the oversized, somewhat shiny weave gives it a chic, elevated look. Can’t wait to see it once it’s installed this afternoon!

If you too are on the hunt for neutral furniture and decor for your space, check out these other options I’ve found around the web this week (at various price points!!):

  • This coffee table is so pretty and currently on sale! The hand-carved base will add some texture to your living room.
  • Not gonna lie, I actually really love this daybed. It’s a little boho for my usual taste, but I feel like it would look so cool in a modern space with lots of greenery around it!
  • This sideboard would be an elegant addition to any dining room.
  • This couch looks incredibly soft and comfortable – definitely a good option for your living room!
  • These nightstands are so pretty! They’re a little more ivory than mine, but they’re also less expensive.
  • This natural side table is under $200 and would look gorgeous in any neutral space!
  • If you have a small living space, this piece would be a unique coffee table, or use it at a side table in any larger space!
  • If you missed the story on SnapChat, I’m now on the hunt for new dining chairs after realizing I didn’t have enough of the ones I thought I was going to use… these chairs are stunning and simple, and are a great price!
  • This natural armchair is under $300 and looks SO comfortable! The perfect lounger for binge-watching on Netflix.



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