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Celine Pink Sunglasses | Dallas Fashion Blogger

[halves]Celine Pink Sunglasses | Dallas Fashion Blogger

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Celine Pink Sunglasses | Dallas Fashion Blogger

TGIF! I’ve gotta say, I’ve had a bit of trouble getting back into my routine this week after Telluride. I haven’t slept very well the past couple nights because of this crick I got in my neck on Tuesday night, and I’m struggling to focus! I’ll be in Dallas the entire month of February, so let’s hope I can get back on track next week to get this month going great!

Pink has never been my favorite color, but it’s grown on me the last several years. As far as spring and summer color trends go, pink is it! While in New York in December, I spotted these pink Celine sunnies at Barney’s. I thought the soft pink color was subtle and a nice compliment to my fair skin and hair! About a week later, I found this bag on major sale at Forty Five Ten in Dallas. It wasn’t until I brought the bag home did I realize they matched! It truly was a match made in heaven. I’m excited to wear the sunglasses + bag together and apart this coming season! PS – these sunnies also come in pale blue.

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