wellness week // a fitness update and the bbg equipment I use


[halves]Fitness Update | The Workouts I'm Doing Now

Fitness Update | The Workouts I'm Doing Now[/halves]

Fitness Update | The Workouts I'm Doing Now

[halves]Fitness Update | The Workouts I'm Doing Now

Fitness Update | The Workouts I'm Doing Now[/halves]

HAPPY MONDAY! Today is the official start of #StyleScribeWellnessWeek!! Aside from my lash routine (details here), the questions I get asked the most on SnapChat and InstaStories always have to do with my fitness routine or diet. Instead of just doing one-off posts here and there, I thought it would be fun to do a full week of wellness on the blog and my social channels! Every day this week, I’ll be highlighting a different topic and giving you lots of ideas for workout outfits, exercises you can do at home, my favorite recipes and snacks, and much much more. My final post for #StyleScribeWellnessWeek will be a Beck and Call Q&A on Sunday, answering any and all questions that haven’t be answered in the posts leading up to that day – so if you have any specific questions for me, send them in ASAP! The last day to send questions for inclusion in Sunday’s post is Thursday! Now let’s jump right into today’s topic: my current workout routine + some updates!


The most notable change to my workout routine happened in early November when I decided to add two more days of circuit training to the mix. With BBG 2.0, you are given three days of high intensity circuit training with an optional fourth day, but I found myself skipping out on the fourth because I always tried to do it on weekends. Also, after a year and a half of doing BBG, I noticed the workouts didn’t target one of my most-loathed areas: my hips. That’s when I decided to hire a personal trainer to work with me two days a week for more targeted circuit training on top of the three BBG days I was committed to.

The circuit training I do with my trainer is less cardio and more weight training than the BBG workouts, but the easiest way to look at it is I’m now doing five days of BBG instead of three. I’m still doing FlyWheel 2-3 times per week, and will occasionally walk on the days I’m doing BBG at home to comply with the LISS minimum! With this new schedule falling on week days, I don’t have an excuse to skip out on a workout and it frees up my weekends in case I have a big night out with friends, I’m traveling or need to give my muscles a break.

MONDAY // BBG 2.0 Legs

TUESDAY // 8:30am FlyWheel class, followed by an hour of circuit training with my personal trainer

WEDNESDAY // BBG 2.0 Arms in the morning, followed by a walk/run in the afternoon

THURSDAY // 8:30am FlyWheel class, followed by an hour of circuit training with my personal trainer

FRIDAY // BBG 2.0 Abs in the morning, followed by a walk/run in the afternoon

SATURDAY // 9:30am FlyWheel class (occasionally)

SUNDAY // Rest or go on a long walk.

I’ve had a bunch of you ask why I double up and do FlyWheel + the personal trainer on the same day. It’s mostly because I’d like to keep my weekends flexible, but I also don’t consider the two competing workouts. I treat FlyWheel as basic cardio, whereas with a personal trainer I’m doing weights and machines. Two different animals!


I’ve now been doing BBG for nearly two years! It’s crazy to think I’ve been doing it for so long now. If you’ve never heard of BBG, I wrote this intro post when I first started doing BBG 1.0 two years ago, as well as this update when I was about to start BBG 2.0 about a year ago! I’ve never felt stronger and I’ve also dropped a full dress size (I’m now a 4!) and jean size (now a 27!) since starting this journey. I’m still working on feeling fabulous in a bathing suit, but so far so good! I have to admit I stopped taking progress photos along the way, and I need to get back into doing that. It seems embarrassing at first when you take them, but it is SUCH a great motivator to stick with the BBG routine. It’s hard to notice changes in your body day to day, but every four weeks when you take those photos and compare you’ll totally see a difference!

I’ve also received a bunch of questions lately on all of the equipment I use for BBG when working out at home, so I thought I’d share a full list of the items I use and what they are used for:

  • A yoga mat – this one is essential! I use this for nearly everything, but specifically for all of the abs and arms exercises.
  • A bench – I use this bench for everything from step ups, to tricep dips, to ab exercises. It’s also kind of a necessity if you’re planning to do it at home! My suggestion would be to also buy a few sandbags at Home Depot to weigh down the legs – that way you can also use the bench for bench jumps.
  • Hand weights – I’d recommend getting a couple of different sizes! The ones I use most are the 8lb and 12lb weights, but I’ve been doing it for awhile. If you’re a newbie, maybe start with 5lb and 10lb weights!
  • A medicine ball – these are used for arms and legs days mostly! You could always use one large hand weight if you don’t want to get both dumbbells and a medicine ball. If you do buy a ball, I’d recommend going heavier since you’ll use two hands – I have a 12 lb ball!
  • A jump rope – it’s inexpensive and you definitely need it for BBG, as it’s included in a bunch of the circuits you’ll do in both BBG 1.0 and 2.0! It’s great to have on hand for extra cardio or to warm up before your workout too.
  • A barbell – I bought this before starting BBG 2.0! You definitely don’t need it if you only plan to try BBG 1.0, but if you plan to advance on to the more challenging 2.0 you may need to invest in one of these. I pretty much always use 30 lbs.

I also have a kettle bell (25 lbs), a step bench with risers, a plyometric box and a bosu ball. I don’t believe these are actually necessary for BBG 1.0 or 2.0, as you can use other items in the list above to substitute for them. Doesn’t hurt to have them around though!


There are several things that motivate me to stick to my routine! The first and most simple one is just wanting to be healthy and strong. The second is I want to look and feel my best for all things: shooting outfits for this blog, going out on dates, being in a bathing suit on vacation, and just living life! I also love the sense of accomplishment I feel after a particularly hard workout.

If you struggle with getting motivated to work out and establish a routine, I highly recommend reading this post and this post from last year. They feature some great tips and tricks to getting fired up and being consistent with your fitness routine so you can meet your goals!


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