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[halves]Matouk Custom Bed Linens | Dallas Lifestyle Blogger

Matouk Custom Bed Linens | Dallas Lifestyle Blogger[/halves]

Matouk Custom Bed Linens | Dallas Lifestyle Blogger

[halves]Custom Matouk Bedding | Dallas Lifestyle Blogger

Matouk Custom Bed Linens | Dallas Lifestyle Blogger[/halves]

I still have quite a bit of work to do on my master bedroom (I still need to find a rug, a mirror, etc), but I’m so thrilled I can finally share photos of my beautiful bed linens from Matouk! I was waiting on those printed Euro shams to complete the look… while doing custom fabrics is fun and opens up more possibilities, it can take quite awhile to get it all pulled together and finished. With that said, let me introduce you to my Matouk bedding!

Since I already had my headboard fabric picked out, I was looking for either a complimentary or matching look with the trim on my duvet, pillows and sheets. Luckily, Matouk has a bunch of amazing shades for each of their bedding collections, so I had a lot to choose from! They were kind enough to mail me samples, which made the selection process much easier. I’m definitely a “clean lines” girl, so the Bel Tempo style spoke to me – it’s one of their classic looks, and is a style I know I’ll still love years from now. If you’re looking for something truly custom to your space and super special, definitely check out their Bespoke Embroidery selection – the designs are exquisite!

What I really struggled with, however, was deciding on a monogram style. There are SO many gorgeous options (you can see them all here!), and it was tricky to even narrow it down to my top five. I’d already seen the above monogram (#2064) on the website and liked it, but wasn’t yet convinced. I decided to take a peek at their Instagram account, and looked at both their published photos and customers who had tagged them in photos to get some inspiration. I then came across a photo by a customer who had ordered pillows with this monogram, but they had requested a thicker font than the one you see on the website… I LOVED IT! My choice was made. I decided to use this monogram on my two King shams on my bed, and also in my bathroom on all of my towels – you’ll see those soon!

I’ve now been living in my Matouk bedding for a few months and have been absolutely loving them! They are of the highest quality and are so comfortable, not to mention they look amazing. I highly recommend investing in Matouk’s beautiful bed linens for your own home. You spend half of your life asleep, so you might as well get the bedding of your dreams!


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