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Cozy, Grey and Under $100 | The Style Scribe

On Monday I finally got my shit together and started back on regular routine – aka eating normal, healthy food. I don’t know about y’all, but I had such a hard time getting myself motivated again after Nashville. I guess I was just so used to eating poorly from the holidays, that my usual healthy recipes didn’t sound appealing. Of course after I committed to eating healthy again on Monday, I’ve loooved all the meals I’ve made myself this week! It’s all mental. That start-of-the-year hurdle can either be really easy or the most difficult thing ever, am I right?

So with all this cooking and eating clean, I’ve been home most of the week and cozied up in my favorite loungewear. It’s the perfect time to do it too, with several friends doing Dry January and other friends busy jumping back into their 9-to-5s! Speaking of making healthy choices, I’ve decided to do what I’m calling Wellness Week the week of January 22nd. Every day that week will feature a new post either on fitness, diet or general health and wellbeing! I’ll be doing activewear roundups, sharing my day-to-day eats, some exercises I’ve added to the routine and answering your questions! If you have any topics you’d like me to cover or questions you want to ask about my personal workout routine, diet or whatever, please email me!


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