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Yesterday was the most “Monday” Monday I’ve had in awhile! I don’t think I’ve ever been this organized. I finally went through about two months of mail (I’m SO bad about doing that regularly), wrapped most of my Christmas gifts, balanced my checkbook and paid bills, cleaned up around the house, and got some housekeeping done for the blog that’s been needed for some time. I’m happy to have it all done and organized before heading home to Austin for the holiday weekend! That way I can start fresh when I return with a clean plate and clear mind. No more clutter!

I don’t leave until Thursday, so luckily I have a few more days to get some actual blog content done. I got all of my photos back from New York (thank you to Carter Fish for doing such an amazing job!), so I’ll be working on getting those posts scheduled – we shot six looks, which is more than I’ve ever shot in one sitting. It’s actually really nice to have all that backlogged content ready to go! That way I don’t have to worry so much through Christmas and New Years about shooting a bunch of looks while I’m home and traveling.

How are you guys spending your pre-Christmas week? Lots of organizing and errands like me?!


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