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[halves]Heartloom Kasey Dress in Plaid | Merritt Beck

Heartloom Kasey Dress in Plaid | Merritt Beck[/halves]

Heartloom Kasey Dress in Plaid | Merritt Beck

[halves]Heartloom Plaid Dress | The Style Scribe

Heartloom Kasey Dress in Plaid | Merritt Beck[/halves]

With the holidays in full swing now, the days feel shorter and the to-do lists feel miles longer! My schedule is never as crazy as it is this time of year. There’s just never enough time to get everything done! With that in mind, I try to trim the fat (so to speak) in areas of my day to be as efficient and productive as possible. One of those things? Cutting down on Instagram time – I can’t tell you how many hours each week I spend scrolling through that never ending black hole, and in addition to eating up my valuable time, it hurts my neck! These days I try to only spend time on the app when I’m posting something, and wait until bedtime to look through and see what I’ve missed that day.

I’m also waking up earlier to exercise, eating meals that are easy or mindless to prepare (aka chili kale salad from the Whole Foods salad bar), and relying on throw-on-and-go outfits like this. You’ve heard me talk on and on about the slip-on sneaker, but only because I truly swear by them! I wear them nearly every day. I have a casual leather pair I wear to FlyWheel, this velvet pair (on sale!) I wear for errands, lunches and casual get togethers, and this new metallic pair (on sale!) I think I could even get away with at a casual happy hour!

The other item I’ve been relying on lately is the dress. Instead of trying to figure out a good sweater + jean + boot combo every day, I’ve been reaching for easy dresses like this one. Sounds lazy, but sometimes I agonize over my outfits and at this moment in time I’d just prefer to take the easy route. Especially this week… you heard about my TWO car incidents, right? Ugh. I’ve had a pretty great year, but this week has been one of the worst! Definitely ready for Thanksgiving…



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