five splurge-worthy products I swear by


Five Splurge-Worthy Products I Swear By | The Style Scribe, Dallas Fashion Blog

[halves]Five Splurge-Worthy Products I Swear By | The Style Scribe, Dallas Fashion Blog

Five Splurge-Worthy Products I Swear By | The Style Scribe, Dallas Fashion Blog[/halves]

It’s been ages since I’ve done any kind of beauty post, hasn’t it? I blame the fact that my old place had zero natural light in the bathroom, which as you can tell is not an issue at the new place! I can’t wait to do a room reveal once I’ve got my bathroom linens from Matouk and I’ve figured out what shades I’m going to put on my sconces. In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek!

One of the most recent beauty posts I did focused on the best drugstore beauty buys. Today I thought I’d do a 180 and share with you my tried and true beauty + hair + skincare faves that are absolutely worth the splurge. Most of these products I use every single day (with the exception of the hairspray which I use whenever I curl my hair or do a half-up look!), so they are absolutely products I swear by and recommend more than anything else in my bathroom. Below is a list of my five favorite splurge-worthy products with a little description of why each is so wonderful:

  1. La Mer Moisturizing Gel Cream I’ve used this product longer than any other item in my entire bathroom! I want to say I started using the gel cream near the end of high school, but it could have been early college. My sister gave me a jar for Christmas one year and that was it… I was hooked! I’ve been a loyal fan ever since. Most people swear by the regular Creme de la Mer, which is a much thicker formula and a bit too heavy on my sensitive skin for daytime wear. The Gel Cream is basically just a lightweight version of the Creme de la Mer, which is ideal for warmer climates. It’s my favorite! I put it on right after I shower and let it fully absorb before applying sunscreen and any makeup. I own a bunch of other products by La Mer, but this one is by far my favorite. Right now during the Anniversary Sale, you can try La Mer products for a discount! Check out this Mini Miracles set featuring the Moisturizing Soft Cream and Regenerating Serum (only $85) or go big with The Revitalizing Collection which boasts Creme de la Mer, the Cleansing Micellar Water, he Lifting & Firming Mask, the Eye Concentrate and the Renewal Oil.
  2. NeuLASH you’ve heard me rave about this product for nearly four years now. I first talked about how I started using it in a blog post back in September 2013!! NeuLASH is an eyelash-enhancing serum that you apply to your lash line every night. It’s the last thing I do before crawling into bed! About six weeks into first using the formula, my lashes became dramatically longer, thicker and I have more of them. No need for extensions, lash plumpers or curlers. I’ve been an addict ever since. If you’re looking to try out NeuLASH, now is the time! Nordstrom is offering a duo of the full-sized serum and a travel size for $150! A full sized bottle is regularly $150 by itself. SIDE NOTE: My eyes have never gotten discolored, irritated or become sensitive, which is something you sometimes hear about lash serums. With that said, definitely consult with an eye doctor if you have any questions or concerns before using it!
  3. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Clear Skin 60 SPF SunscreenI actually received this product prior to my trip to Mexico in April, so I’ve only been using it a few months. With that said, it quickly became a staple to my skincare routine in the morning. Up until recently I did not put on sunscreen every day… just when I knew I was going to be outside for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, I started discovering small brown spots and discolorations on my face that are due to sun wear and tear. I definitely don’t want any more of those!! I’m now officially 30, and my skin is never going to look better than it does now! I decided that this was the year I was going to make it a routine. I felt reaffirmed in my decision when this article came out about the importance of sunscreen and where brands score on the spectrum of SPF effectiveness according to Consumer Reports. I love how lightweight this formula feels once it is applied and doesn’t cause me to break out or irritate my skin. While $20 a bottle doesn’t seem that expensive, the bottle is quite small and doesn’t last too long. Totally worth it though!
  4. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryerwhen this dryer launched last fall, I was already on my last leg with my current hairdryer. It was so heavy, loud and always overheated! I decided to gift myself with it as an early Christmas gift in November, and accidentally shipped it home to Austin. I told my mom to look out for it and to try it for herself to see if she liked it! She loved it so much in fact, she kept it for herself. She had to buy me a new one! We have completely different hair types (hers super thick and a ton of hair, mine super fine and not much hair), but we have both found the Dyson Supersonic Dryer to be the thing of dreams. My hair dries SO FAST now – like five minutes or less. This thing has an incredible amount of power and will shock you how quickly your whole head will be totally dry. It comes with three great styling attachments (I use the smoothing nozzle the most!) and features a variety of power and heat/cool settings to choose from. Definitely recommend this baby! Also, if you think about how long you’ve kept your current hairdryer (I had mine for seven or eight years!), $399 doesn’t seem that extravagant for something you use daily.
  5. Oribe Superfine HairsprayI mentioned this in a newsletter recently, but I don’t use a bunch of hair products. Aside from shampoo and conditioner, the only products I use regularly are a toner and this hairspray. I don’t use it on an everyday basis – just when I’m curling my hair or I’m doing some kind of updo or half-up situation. I have soooo many flyaways, and this hairspray tames them all and keeps my ‘do in place. I love how lightly it sprays which allows me to layer it on depending on how much hold I require that day! It’s not sticky, stiff or crunchy. The best!

PS – how gorgeous is this robe?! I figure if I’m going to have such a pretty bathroom, I should also have an equally pretty bathrobe to wear while I get ready every day. The floral print is divine and the lace detail lends a sexy touch to it, don’t you think? Obsessed! There’s also a matching chemise or short + cami set, however they ran way too short on me.


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