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[halves]Birkin Basket Bag | The Style Scribe

Birkin Basket Bag | The Style Scribe[/halves]

Birkin Basket Bag | The Style Scribe

[halves]Birkin Basket Bag | The Style Scribe

Birkin Basket Bag | The Style Scribe[/halves]

If you saw this video, you’ll know I have gotten a little frustrated with my Cult Gaia bag. I don’t know about you, but I always prefer a bag I can wear on my arm to one I have to grip with my hand all day. While I think the arc bag is incredibly chic and adds an artful touch to all my favorite summer outfits, it’s definitely not as handy or effortless to wear. It features a single hand grip, just big enough to fit your fingers – since it comes with no optional strap, it really can be a pain to tote around all day. I find I really can only wear it to lunch or dinner, and to places I know I’m going to be able to set my bag down. Definitely not a wear-all-day kind of bag! It’s also very difficult to travel with – I was terrified to pack it because it seems like it could easily break into a thousand pieces. The bamboo just isn’t very strong – I have heard the acrylic bags are way more tough though!

In addition to those frustrations, I’ve been tempted by the basket bag trend and decided to test it out with this under $70 piece. It’s the “lunch box” style, and it features a very wearable handle you can actually hold on your arm. It also has a surprising amount of storage! Because it’s straight up (vs the arched interior of the Cult Gaia bag), it allows for those extra lipsticks, sunglasses, keys, small wallets, your phone, etc. The structure on this bag is great and the wicker is very sturdy! I definitely wouldn’t be afraid to pack this baby. Plus, the price is just right!

Shop more of my favorite wicker and straw bags for summer below!

  • Love the look of Mark Cross bags, but don’t want to spend that much? Check out this MILLY lookalike.
  • If I were to get another summer tote, it would be this one. The wrapped silk scarf detail does all the styling for you!
  • This Edie Parker bag totally makes me think of a chic Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Anyone else?!
  • This J.McLaughlin style has a similar grip to the Cult Gaia bag, but the round look is so sophisticated!
  • This jug bag by Rosie Assouline is an interesting and unique take on the beach bag, don’t you think? Obsessed!
  • Adore the optional strap on this Nannacay bag. So useful when traveling or walking around all day!
  • This is probably my favorite clutch to wear throughout summer… it literally goes with everything!
  • For an investment, grab this pink Mark Cross cutie
  • This simple wicker basket tote is perfect for everyday or a beach vacay!
  • Eugenia Kim is known for her hats, so it shouldn’t surprise you that her bags look like them. Such a cool, creative shape!


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