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Sanayi 33 Anetta Slippers | The Style Scribe

I really can’t explain it y’all, but I’m so freaking exhausted! I had so much fun in Port Aransas with my family over the weekend, but the second I got home last night I just totally passed out. While parts of the trip were definitely relaxing (like laying on the beach), I was actually quite active every day – I kept up with my workouts, went on at least one long beach walk each day with my mom (sometimes two!), went fishing, played beach volleyball, etc. There’s also something immensely tiring about being around a big rambunctious crowd for several days that just takes it out of you… even if you’re not doing anything too crazy yourself! Anyway, I’m working on a little weekend recap + Port A guide, so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, here’s a summer-ready EDIT in all black. Can someone please just buy me these already? D.Y.I.N.G.


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