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Loving On Levi's | The Style Scribe

[halves]Loving On Levi's | The Style Scribe

Loving On Levi's | The Style Scribe[/halves]

Loving On Levi's | The Style Scribe

Loving On Levi's | The Style Scribe

You already heard me declare my love for this deconstructed denim skirt in this post a couple weeks back, but it’s not the only item I’ve purchased recently by Levi’s… I think we’re all pretty used to stretch denim as the norm these days, but there has been more interest in the original, stiff variety as of late. I decided to try out a pair and did not expect to like them, but call me a convert, because I’m hooked! While stretchy denim is definitely more comfortable in terms of pliability, there’s something so authentic and cool about a pair of jeans like this. The high-waisted style may make you think “mom jean”, but I’m all over it. Plus, while they’re technically being called a skinny jean, these jeans really have more of a straight-leg style at the ankle – definitely on trend in that regard!

Also, I picked up another fab white top. Are you surprised? A girl can never have too many! This one happens to be under $65 and looks just as good tucked in as it does left out. Pair it with black slacks for work or tuck it into a fun skirt for date night! It comes in four other colors too, but the white is the most fresh and versatile year-round. Don’t you just love the sleeves?!


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