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[halves]Cult Gaia Ark Bag | The Style Scribe

Cult Gaia Ark Bag | The Style Scribe[/halves]

Cult Gaia Ark Bag | The Style Scribe

[halves]Cult Gaia Ark Bag | The Style Scribe

Cult Gaia Ark Bag | The Style Scribe[/halves]

I know, I know. I totally caved and jumped on the Cult Gaia bandwagon. To be fair, I actually purchased this same bag for my mom for Christmas and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it! That’s when you know a purchase is worth it… While I haven’t had a beach vacay this year yet to debut it, the weather has been pretty warm lately here in Dallas. I took it out for a spin a couple weeks back for an afternoon outside for drinks! I was a little concerned it wouldn’t fit my purse essentials, simply because of the uncompromising shape, but it surprisingly fits everything I need! I love the structured, artful touch it brings to my spring/summer outfits, don’t you? I’m taking it with me to NOLA tomorrow and think it’ll look darling with my recent sundress purchases.

If you follow along on SnapChat, you’ll know I purchased this dress a couple months back when I ordered a large haul from ASOS! It’s the perfect brunch dress, because you can eat whatever you want and never have to worry about a fitted waist. It’s such a breezy piece and very lightweight, making it ideal for hot Texas summers. Unfortunately are only a few sizes left in this cutie, so here are some other adorable sundresses from ASOS for crafting the perfect daytime look:

Also, I have to mention how crazy the wind was when we were shooting this outfit. These were literally the only photos that worked… my hair was blowing every which way, I was probably flashing everyone driving by, and the ruffle on my dress kept hitting me in the face (as you can see in the photo above)! It would have been funny had it ever let up, but by the end of it I was ready to throw in the towel haha. Sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh and move on.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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