work it out: best tips for getting and staying motivated


[halves]Work It Out: Tips For Staying Motivated | The Style Scribe

Work It Out: Tips For Staying Motivated | The Style Scribe[/halves]

Work It Out: Tips For Staying Motivated | The Style Scribe

[halves]Work It Out: Tips For Staying Motivated | The Style Scribe

Work It Out: Tips For Staying Motivated | The Style Scribe[/halves]

As a person who works from home and has the luxury of setting my own schedule, you’d probably think I sleep in and find it difficult to convince myself to work out. Negative. I’m up early every morning and work out six days a week! Depending on whether I have a FlyWheel class or BBG that day, I usually wake up at 6 or 6:30am. I like to give myself an hour to drink a cup of coffee and eat a little breakfast before heading off to class. This also gives me some time to go through my emails, check on the blog, and do some writing – I have so much more focus in the morning!

After seeing this commitment to my schedule on my SnapChat, I’ve had a number of you comment or ask for tips on how to get and stay motivated to work out each day. Here are some things to consider when work, work, working your fitness:


Whether you want to lose inches or pounds, get in better shape, or just get stronger, it’s important to set goals for yourself. When I first started taking FlyWheel classes, one of my biggest hurdles was standing up out of the saddle in 2nd and 3rd position (and staying there). I couldn’t last for more than five seconds! It was pitiful. So I set a goal to get stronger so I could maintain those positions and keep pushing through to the end of the workout. Now 3rd position is my favorite! I can feel the muscles on the back of my legs (and my glutes!) activating and working each time I get up in 3rd – it’s an amazing feeling, and I know the more I go the stronger they’ll get. I’m still working on staying strong in 2nd, but I’m certainly better than I was at the beginning! I’m also currently working on my speed up in 3rd – it takes a lot more core strength and endurance to go fast because you’re using less of your body weight to push the pedals… it’s all in your legs!


This is probably one of the most crucial tips I’m sharing today. Create a schedule and stick to it! Don’t leave it up to chance. You’re more likely to fit the workout in if you have it written into your calendar with a space blocked off just for that. I go to FlyWheel on Tuesday at 8:30am with Lesley, Thursday at 8:30am with Lesley (or 9:30 with Thomas if I’m doing Fly60!), and usually Sunday at either 9:30 or 10:30am. If I do a 4th class, it’s either on Saturday at 9:30am with Lesley or Monday at 5:30pm with Thomas. These are just the times that work for my particular schedule, so I lock them in and never miss them! I go ahead and reserve my seat when the appointment window opens up on Sunday night, so I have no excuse to miss. I always do my BBG resistance workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday before Emily comes in – this means I have to wake up earlier, around 6am, but I get it done! Every workout I do is on my calendar, with one hour blocked off so I don’t accidentally schedule something else in the time slot I’m planning to work out!


This is actually something I started doing when I first began BBG, but it’s been an excellent motivator for me. Take progress photos of yourself in the same outfit (I choose a bikini, but you can always do shorts and a sports bra or something else you’re more comfortable in!) every four weeks. In addition to tracking your progress and fitness journey, seeing results motivates you to keep the workouts up and continue your hard work. It’s a little awkward taking them, that’s for sure, but I highly recommend doing this. I got so excited even seeing the tiniest bit of progress, it made me want to work even harder the next time to really see those results!


For me, I don’t even think twice about exercise or whether I’ll get them done. It’s just become second nature to get up and go work out. I don’t think of it has a chore or a hassle, I think of it as a lifestyle. I think in order to overcome those mental barriers and get motivated, you definitely have to shift your thinking! In order to shift your thinking, I believe you should find and commit to a workout (or a combination, like I do) that you actually enjoy, and something that challenges you. Yes, there are days where I’m not feeling great or don’t feel as energetic about a workout, but I still force myself to do it – even if it is the bare minimum amount of work. I always feel better once I’m done and like I’ve checked a box on my to-do list! FlyWheel is definitely my favorite cardio workout to do. I know I’m going to burn a ton of calories, get stronger, and the classes are really fun! Plus, the classes are only 45 minutes long – even if you only have an hour, you have plenty of time to fit it into your schedule!


85% of the time, I take the regular Fly45, which is their signature 45 minute ride. When I’m in need of a change or want to mix things up, I’ll occasionally throw in a FlyBeats class or challenge myself with the Fly60 or back-to-back Fly45 classes. Plus, each teacher creates their own playlists and ride sequences, so every ride is totally different! I never get bored in class. You’re more likely to find me mouthing the words to the songs or dancing on my own on the bike. When a song I like comes on, I get reeeeally into it! BBG is also different every single day, so it’s always a surprise for my muscles!


Since I usually go to FlyWheel when my friends are heading off to work, this doesn’t always work for me, but on weekends I like to make a plan with a friend or two to meet at class. That way it’s harder to back out (even if I indulged the night before), and you still get to see your buddies! We sometimes grab brunch afterward and make a day of it! Great way to get your fitness in and get some friend time – two birds, one stone. While I don’t have a lot of friends who can join me on weekday mornings for FlyWheel, my favorite teachers definitely hold me accountable. If I’m out of town for a week, they notice! I’m such a stickler for my schedule that they know when I’m missing… hello, guilt! Haha.


I’ve never been able to stick to an afternoon or evening workout schedule. Although getting up earlier does suck sometimes, I love getting the workout out of the way. That way I can’t rationalize or make any excuses to miss it – you have no time to change your mind! You just wake up and get it done.


I don’t know about y’all, but I love shopping for workout clothes! I think I love it because I know I’m going to get my money’s worth out of each piece, since I work out nearly every day of the week. I like to invest in high quality performance fabrics and comfortable fits like these high-rise leggings from FlyWheel’s January collection. I never have to pull at or tug them into place – they stay where they’re supposed to the entire class!FlyWheel has the best tees too! The quotes on the front are so cheeky – loved this Apr├Ęs Ride tank… perfect for winter! This tee is is perfect for spin because of its breathable open back – I sweat SO much in every FlyWheel class, so it’s nice to have a vent back there…  I’m hoping to get my hands on one of their cozy zip-up sweatshirts next.


I’m a very competitive person by nature, so FlyWheel is a great class for me. In addition to racing other people in class on the TorqBoard, you can also see your score on your bike. I always check the app after class to see how many calories I burned, the miles I rode, and my final power number to see how it stacks up against the rest of the class and my previous rides. Seeing those numbers motivates me to work harder with each and every class! I actually don’t put my name on the board (I’m too chicken), but I’m definitely competitive with myself!! Luckily, the app shows you where you rank each class – I’m usually right in the middle, but keep in mind there are also men in the class who are much stronger than I am. Working my way up though!!


Thinking about that bowl of queso you plan on diving into tonight? Or perhaps you want a second glass of wine at dinner? Bribe yourself with a reward for good behavior by completing that workout. While I wouldn’t recommend doing this on the reg, it’s a good way to get your butt into shape on days when you’re just not feeling it. Just get it done!

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