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New Year, New Me // Detox Favorites | The Style Scribe

January is the ideal time to reset, recharge and cleanse your body and mind so you can take on the new year. If you’re subscribed to my newsletter or follow along on SnapChat (merrittbeck), you’ll likely already know I’m sort of detoxing the *entire* month of January. I’ve decided to take the Whole30 challenge and cut out alcohol, dairy, sugar, processed foods and more until February 4th! As a sugar addict, you might imagine this might be a daunting task. Having removed these items from my diet (for just over a week now), my body has been experiencing symptoms of an actual detox: headaches, nausea, dizziness and weakness were all pestering me from day 3-6. It’s sort of crazy how your body reacts to FOOD like that. Just a reminder of how addictive those pesky processed foods are…

Anyway, with that detox in mind, I’ve also been cleansing on the outside too. Since I’m not exactly grabbing wine with friends, meeting people for meals, or going out on the weekends with Whole30, it’s left me some time to get organized around the house and do a bit of a beauty detox! I’ve been given the gift of time, people! It’s been months since I’ve had time to relax and take a long bath (I’m normally a shower girl for speed’s sake), and this time I did it up real nice. I incorporated detoxifying bath salts and an exfoliating scrub, applied a resurfacing mask to my face while I soaked, and followed it up with a creamy body souffle to seal in the moisture. I even had a little bowl of fruit next to the tub so I could snack. It was pure heaven!

After the bath I cozied up in my softest robe and caught up on some TV. I’m not gonna say it was the best weekend ever, but it came pretty damn close. Each night was a spa night! Ahhh bliss. If you’re detoxing like I am, or you just like really soft, cozy loungewear, shop more of my favorite wear-at-home cozies below:

  • You all know my love of Eberjey pajamas, right? I have quite a few pairs now, and for good reason. They are SO soft! They come in a bunch of different colors and prints, so you’re bound to find a style you like.
  • My sister and mom think I’m nuts, but I don’t like sleeping braless. There’s something about the lack of support and sensitivity that bothers me – probably TMI, but whatever. I obviously don’t like to wear a cupped bra while I’m sleeping, but I do like some sort of support/coverage. I usually opt for a stretchy one like this scoop neck wireless style. It’s not restrictive at all and so comfortable! It’s a great bra to throw on when you’re just lounging around too.
  • Do y’all do towel time before fully getting ready like I do? I usually like to let my hair towel dry for 10-20 minutes before blow-drying, so I lounge around and watch some TV in a soft robe while I wait. It’s just a few minutes of bliss before I have to get going! Doesn’t this robe look fabulous? I wouldn’t mind snuggling up in it right now.
  • My favorite mask to use when I’m in need of a good exfoliation is Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask. They say it’s not recommended for sensitive skin types (which I am), but I’ve never had an issue with it. I only use it a couple times a month though. This mask acts like a peel to slough off dead skin cells and reveal bright, fresh skin! It’s very effective and smells like it belongs in a 5-star spa.

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