black and white basics under $200


Black and White Basics Under $200 | The Style Scribe

As you’ll come to learn in my video on Saturday, one of my goals for 2017 is to get better at budgeting. With the construction happening on my new house and future furniture purchases looming over my head, I want to make sure I am keeping track of what I’m spending and attempt to save a larger portion of my earnings every month going forward. I want to make sure I don’t get caught in a sticky situation, but also want to make sure I can finish decorating my house sooner rather than later. I know it usually takes awhile since there’s so much that needs to be purchased, but I’ve already waited so long to get this process started, so I’m more eager than I probably would’ve been had we gotten started right away!

With that said, I’m shifting my focus of spending money on clothes and travel to furniture and home decor, at least for this year. While I won’t be giving up clothes cold turkey, I am trying to spend less, which means buying less expensive items. I used some of the money I got for Christmas on some sale items I scored earlier this week, but I’m hoping that’s all I will be spending on investment pieces for awhile. Here are a few black and white basics I’m loving right now that are all under $200, with many under $100 too!


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