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New Year's Eve Outfit Guide | The Style Scribe

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New Year's Eve Outfit Guide | The Style Scribe[/halves]

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new year's eve outfit ideas

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new year's eve outfit ideas[/halves]

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After all the positive feedback I received for my Holiday Party Outfit Guide, I decided to create one for New Year’s Eve as well! I currently don’t have a crazy night planned, so I’ll probably opt for one of the more casual looks – but you never know what might come up! Don’t forget that I’ve linked a bunch of additional pieces at various price points in the widgets below each look’s description. Scroll through those and click through to shop the items you love!


The first thing that comes to mind for me when I hear the words “New Year’s Eve” is sequins. While I love sparkly accessories (these shoes are a current favorite), I don’t usually opt for anything crazy shiny or sparkly – even on New Year’s Eve. Sometimes I find all-sequin looks to be a bit cheesy or even tacky, but when I saw this matte sequin dress I fell head over heels for it. The sequins are a pretty winter white color and are muted, but on parts of the dress there are sections of shiny gold sequins to add some texture and party sparkle to the look. It’s got the ideal balance of sophistication and sparkle, don’t you think? Here are some additional sequin numbers that are The Style Scribe approved for a New Year’s Eve cocktail party:


To be honest, I’ll probably be wearing some variation of this outfit on New Year’s Eve. My plans are never super exciting – there’s usually a house party or two going on, but I definitely don’t feel the need to get totally decked out in sparkle and shine for that! When in doubt, wear black, and then top it off with some gold or silver accessories. Here are some other chic black items to complete your casual New Year’s Eve ensemble:


I almost never wear things this flashy (or revealing), but I just love the silhouette of this little mini dress! I usually don’t feel confident wearing pieces this low-cut, but this dress hugs you in all the right places to keep everything secure. Did I mention it comes in two other colors? If it’s cold where you live, throw on a velvet or fur jacket and opt for tights and pumps instead of heeled sandals. Such a cute ensemble for a night out on the town! Here are some other fun mini dress ideas for New Year’s Eve:


Want to dress up a bit, but not into the idea of wearing a party dress? Opt for a pretty metallic blouse and jeans (or leather pants for a more elevated look). You get the ideal amount of shimmer and shine in this blouse from Nordstrom. What’s great about this outfit is you can wear a coat and it won’t completely ruin the look – perfect for partying in cities like New York, Aspen and others where you don’t want to freeze to death. Shop more New Year’s Eve party blouses below:


I’ve had a number of you send me questions for Beck and Call surrounding New Year’s Eve wedding attire, so I thought I’d address that here! While you could absolutely opt for a sequin cocktail dress for the occasion, you definitely don’t want to look like you’re trying to outshine the bride on her big day. Opt for something a little more subtle, like this midi dress with a gold flower appliqué. It’s got subtle shimmer without being in your face! Here are a few more wedding-appropriate styles for you to check out:


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