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First, can we please talk about my iPhone case?! I found this little cutie while wandering the streets in Harajuku (Tokyo). It’s truly my favorite souvenir from my trip (see all of them here!). When I first went searching online to see if it was available, I found NOTHING. But this week I got a little more creative with my search terms and finally found the case! It’s the exact same case I have, and not only is it available in gold, but also silver, rose gold and fuchsia. It’s very cheap, so I bought a couple more – just note that the delivery window for these is between December 29-January 20th since they are shipping from over there! I’m probably getting an iPhone 7 soon, so I got one of those too… I’m obsessed!!!

Since we were staying in Eastern Kyoto and had a future day planned to explore that area, on our first day we decided to peruse the more central part of the city! We took a somewhat long walk over to the other side of the river and found a bunch of big department stores, name brands and more. In addition to the typical shopping experience, central Kyoto features Nishiki Market, a food market that’s been around for 300 years! From fresh-off-the-boat fish, to little shops featuring local candy and snacks, to small stalls serving on-the-go bites, there’s a little bit of everything. We were both pretty hungry, so we grabbed what was basically rice dough on a stick stuffed with cheese. You can see an example above – while the dough consistency took a little getting used to, they were actually really good! The rest of the items in that box were mostly a variety of fish cakes.

Before moving onto the Teramachi and Shinyogoku Arcades (basically covered shopping streets), we grabbed some local snacks at one of the shops in Nishiki Market to give a few items a try later in the week. Honestly, nothing we had was bad. The only item that we were too afraid to try was what looked like seaweed jelly (they sort of looked like ribbons) topped with powdered sugar – it could’ve been something else altogether, as we couldn’t read anything on the bag!

The streets of Teramachi and Shinyogoku feature a bunch of little clothing/gift stores and restaurants. There’s lots to see and shop! We picked up more flavored Kit-Kats and those cute little donuts you saw on my Instagram in these Arcades, and Jess also picked up an adorable pair of rose gold sneakers too! The area is just sort of a smorgasbord of shops. At one of the interior exits of Shinyogoku, you’ll find a few more little streets featuring shopping, cat cafes (yes, that’s a real thing), and restaurants. One of those spots was Elk, which featured “3D Cappuccinos” – we obviously had to stop and try them. Fair warning, they don’t serve these on Saturday or Sunday! And be prepared to wait for the 3D cappuccinos – our order took 30 minutes. But it was worth it for those tiny foam faces!


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