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Hotel Ella, Goodall's Kitchen | The Style Scribe

[halves]Hotel Ella, Goodall's Kitchen | The Style Scribe

Hotel Ella, Goodall's Kitchen | The Style Scribe[/halves]

Hotel Ella, Goodall's Kitchen | The Style Scribe

[halves]Hike and Bike Trail, Austin | The Style Scribe

Hike and Bike Trail, Austin | The Style Scribe[/halves]

Hike and Bike Trail, Austin | The Style Scribe

[halves]Perla's, Austin | The Style Scribe

Perla's, Austin | The Style Scribe[/halves]

Perla's, Austin | The Style Scribe

Perla's, Austin | The Style Scribe

You should all know my love for Austin by now – I grew up there, my family lives there, and visit every chance I get! If I added all my trips to Austin up throughout the year, I probably spend about two months of my life in Austin each year. The quiet town I grew up in has become a bustling city, now featuring offices of major corporate brands like Facebook, Conde Nast, Apple and more. In addition to being on the cutting edge of all things tech and digital, Austin also hits a high note in the restaurant, bar, and live music scene.

Today I’m partnering with Shinola and MyDomaine to share my must-haves when visiting Austin, along with my favorite Shinola pieces that I take with me to each spot! Click here to check out the city guide feature over on MyDomaine! In addition to their striking time pieces, Shinola’s leather goods are also incredibly high quality. This tote is the perfect travel bag – it lies flat for packing, it’s super lightweight, and holds everything I need. It comes in six gorgeous colors, and features a zippered insert pouch for separating your most important items. This tote would make an excellent holiday gift for anyone on your list! If you’ve got a writer in your family, gift them with a leather journal cover (like the one featured here)! I’m also loving this iPhone case with a card slot – so convenient.

Also, if you’re into simple, streamlined jewelry like I am, you absolutely must discover Shinola’s debut collection, designed with Pamela Love! So many stunning, minimalist pieces like this ring, these earrings and this bracelet. Would love to find a few more of these in my holiday stocking this year…

Here are three places that should absolutely be on your list the next time you visit Austin:

Breakfast at Goodall’s Kitchen (in Hotel Ella) – the ricotta hotcakes are the fluffiest you’ll find anywhere, but if you’re hoping for a lighter meal, try the greek yogurt with pistachio praline (adds such a great crunch and flavor to the yogurt + fruit!). It’s the ideal spot for a morning meeting – it’s a quiet atmosphere if you need to have a conversation or get some work done. PS – if you are ever at Goodall’s Kitchen for dinner, you HAVE to order the hummus appetizer. Best I’ve ever had!

The Hike and Bike Trail – whenever I’m in Austin, my mom and I walk town lake nearly every day! It’s a beautiful trail, with great views of downtown and the lake. Any Austinite will tell you it’s THE place to get in a run, bike ride or visit just to clear your head. The trail winds around the lake, with multiple benches and seating areas throughout for those looking to just enjoy the outdoors. There’s also a spot where you can rent a canoe or kayak, should that interest you. On days where I need to get out of the house and gather my thoughts, I head to the pedestrian bridge. I’ll grab a bench and hunker down with my notebook to pencil down content ideas that pop into my head, or just listen to music and enjoy the weather and scenery.

Happy Hour and Dinner at Perla’s – if the weather is nice, grab a table on the string-lit patio for happy hour! For appetizers, you’ve got to try the charred octopus, fresh oysters and fried green tomatoes. All of their seafood entrees are incredible, so you really can’t go wrong with any of them! For dessert, don’t miss the salted butterscotch pot de crème – I’d go just for dessert, it’s that good.

Don’t forget! My Austin city guide is being highlighted over on MyDomaine in a special feature! Click here to see more photos and learn more about these great spots!

{ thanks to Shinola and MyDomaine for sponsoring this post! }


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