what to consider when buying a designer handbag


If you caught my SnapChat (username: merrittbeck) earlier this week, I mentioned how I’m hoping to start posting new videos weekly to my YouTube page! With this new iPhone format I’ve been using (example here), they’re actually much easier to shoot, edit and upload, so I’m able to churn them out faster and more often. Last week I shared a video on five fall investments that are totally worth the splurge – check it out if you haven’t watched it yet! I’ve gotten lots of great feedback from it, so thank you to those who have viewed it and sent me messages!

Over the years I’ve received countless questions from you guys about handbags: Which designers are your favorite? What should I get for my first designer bag? Do you prefer this style to this style? Do you think this piece will still be cool next season or is it over-worn already? I’m answering all of your questions in this week’s video, and chatting about things to consider when investing in a designer handbag. Don’t forget – you can shop the products featured in each video by clicking the “read more” button in the text section below the video on YouTube!

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