how to get a silky, straight blow-out


Straight, Silky Hair Tutorial | The Style Scribe

You talked, I listened! I want to thank those of you who shared feedback on my most recent beauty video. Your honest comments on my video was incredibly helpful! The reason I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on my SnapChat is because I’m always just talking to the camera – there’s no script, nothing fancy; it’s just me. I tried to do this in my videos for YouTube, but with someone standing behind the camera (my DSLR), I felt a little more self-conscious and messed up A LOT. So many “um’s” were said and dozens of shots had to be retaken. After your comments, I have decided to shoot all of my videos with my iPhone alone. Because there’s nobody else in the room when I am shooting these now, I’m way more comfortable. I don’t care if I mess up, which makes the videos a little more fun and let’s be real, honest. Editing will be minimal (no more transitions or music), and my goal is for the YouTube page to be just a permanent version of my SnapChat.

With that said, I’d like to share my latest video with you! After numerous requests, I’m sharing my hair routine and how I blow-dry it straight! As I mentioned with my previous beauty posts, I’m certainly no expert – you’ll never see me do any crazy braids on here because I have ZERO skills in this area. I just do what works for me! I hope you’ll check out the video and let me know what you think of this format! As always, I truly appreciate your emails, comments and all types of feedback. This is all for YOU!

In the coming weeks I’ll share how I curl my hair, so stay tuned! Click here to check out the video.


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