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Travel Goals for 2016 | The Style Scribe

2015 was a great year for me in terms of travel. I am so grateful for this blog and my readers, and the fact that I’m able to work from wherever I want to be! Here’s a rundown of every city I visited last year (click through the underlined cities for guides!):

Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City, Carmel, San Diego, Santa Fe, Atlanta, Augusta, Nashville, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Bibury, Stow-On-The-Wold, Burford, Bath, Brighton, WindsorDublin, Paris, Florence, Vienna and Austin.

In 2016 I’ve got another new list of cities I’m hoping to visit, along with some old ones I haven’t seen in a long, long time. Here are the ones on the list so far… I’m hoping that by writing them down, I’ll be forced to follow through!

Chicago, Charleston, Laihana (Maui), Miami, Athens, Santorini, Dubrovnik, Korcula, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Seattle.

While I won’t be doing a 5-month stint abroad like I did this fall, I do hope to travel just as much this year. I’m also going to be sharing more travel content aside from the city guides I’ve been doing. Some ideas I’ve had include tips for traveling solo (safely), packing for two different climates, how to get the best travel photos, eating healthy while abroad, etc. I’d love your feedback on what kinds of travel content you’re looking for – feel free to email me with questions and suggestions!

What are your travel plans for 2016? Any places you think I should add to my list?!


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