home update // greens and blues


Home Update // Greens & Blues

When I come back from London in November, I’ll be looking for a new place to live. Whether that’s in Dallas or Austin, I have not yet decided, but I do know that I will want to sell all of my current furniture and start from scratch.

All of the items I own have been acquired since the start of college in 2005, which means a lot of the pieces are outdated and don’t match everything else. I plan to try and sell all of it via Craigslist (I’m a first-timer, so if you have any tips, let me know!) when I get back. As a guide for my new place, I have one pair of chairs that I know I’m going to keep and use to get the color scheme started.

It’s a pair of chairs that were in my grandparent’s old house, and when they moved they no longer needed them. They are these amazing, multi-colored chevron chairs that closely resemble that of the famous Missoni prints. I can’t wait to replace all my old, clunky stuff with sleek, new furniture and a fresh color scheme.


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