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New From J.Crew | The Style Scribe

Lately I’ve been more and more impressed with J.Crew – I used to think some of their pieces were a little overpriced for what they were (and sometimes still do), but I truly believe the quality and styling of J.Crew’s pieces within the last year has improved immensely. The sweaters are soft (no longer scratchy), the fit of the clothes is more accurate and the prints & cuts are much more flattering. The whole look is less preppy and more classic, while incorporating more daring prints and fun color. Some of my favorite pieces from J.Crew right now include this skirt (hoping more stock will come in!), these pumps and this sweater/shirt combo. Classics that will stand the test of time, don’t you think? A few budget buys from their current collection include this drop-waist dress, this textured slouchy sweater and these colorful New Balance for J.Crew sneakers. Click here to shop all new arrivals!


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