The Style Scribe: You’ve grown so quickly in the past year! With opening both the Dallas and Beverly Hills boutiques, I’m sure you’ve been incredibly busy. What do you believe has propelled you to such success?

Kendra Scott: 2011 was such a fun, exciting year and I think we are just scratching the surface of what’s to come! Working with people who are like-minded has been very effective in making this business successful. Women who wear Kendra Scott jewelry are fun, bold and happy, and that’s exactly who we want working here. It is very important that your employees have like-minded attitudes and a vision for the same goal.

The Style Scribe: How do you manage the balance between spending time with your family and the hard work of running such a large and growing company?

Kendra Scott: My kids always, always come first. When I first started on this journey, I used to bring them into the office with me! Everyone who works here is like family to me and having that kind of atmosphere is so helpful and such a positive influence on the other areas of my life. Finding balance can be difficult when you’re really busy, but when you are passionate about your work and your family, it’s much easier to do.

The Style Scribe: When are you planning to open a boutique in Houston? Have you scouted out any locations?

Kendra Scott: I am almost positive that by the end of 2012, a Kendra Scott boutique will be open in Houston. I can’t tell you where exactly, as the location hasn’t been nailed down yet, but all of our boutiques are in fun, social areas with a lot of variety. Our Dallas boutique is in West Village, surrounded by restaurants, other cool shops, a movie theater… Our Austin boutique is on a very hip strip of South Congress, and our Beverly Hills Boutique is on Rodeo Drive – what’s more exciting than that? So where it is in Houston, I can’t tell you yet, but I will say it’s in a fascinating area!

The Style Scribe: What is your favorite piece out of your current collection? Do you have a favorite color to work with?

Kendra Scott: That’s like asking me to choose my favorite child! While I can’t pick a favorite piece, my all-time favorite color to wear and work with is turquoise. There is not a Kendra Scott collection (no matter what time of year) that doesn’t contain a piece incorporating turquoise.

The Style Scribe: I saw your Kendra Scott Couture Collection when perusing the jewelry downstairs. I had no idea you created fine jewelry! I haven’t seen it online – can you tell me about it?

Kendra Scott: Yes! Each piece is one of a kind, so for now, we don’t sell them online.  I work with an incredibly talented jeweler in Italy that also works with Bvulgari and a number of other fine jewelry designers. They can be purchased in each of our standing boutiques, so definitely check the collection out!

The Style Scribe: I love Color Bar – it’s such a great way to get your customers involved in the creative process. How did you come up with it?

Kendra Scott: At trunk shows, we often have people asking about different color combinations, and we love to do custom orders. It didn’t strike me as an opportunity until I saw some of our employees making their own pieces out of colors they liked in the studio for a specific event or outfit. I went to bed that night thinking about it and in the morning I woke up with the name Color Bar! It really has been a special project. When on a speaking engagement, I saw a woman wearing a pair of my earrings (she didn’t know who I was). I walked up and asked her where she got her earrings, and she said “Oh thank you, I made them myself!” It was so rewarding – she was so proud about her style!


A BIG thank you to Kendra Scott for the interview!! Stay tuned – tomorrow we’ll be announcing the giveaway for a beautiful Kendra Scott Cuff!


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